7 Ideas on How to Keep Your Wedding Memories Fresh

The funny thing about a wedding is that you spend all this time planning your big day, but it flies by like a blur. There is so little time for you to take a break and take in all that is happening. So this is why the memories of your wedding day are so very sweet but also achingly fleeting. Want these amazing memories to stay fresh for as long as possible? Don’t worry, you can. 

In this article, we’ll be having a look at some of the best - and dare we say - original ways to keep your wedding day memories. You won’t need that much money or time investment because all these methods are extremely doable. And rewarding, too. So without further ado, let’s have a look at them.

  1. Preserve Your Wedding Flowers

A bride’s bouquet is definitely among the most beautiful things at any wedding. So let this beauty stick with you for as long as possible. There are quite a few ways to preserve the flowers. You can press dry them, dip them in wax, or preserve them using epoxide resin. Or you can simply put them on a display in your living room - dead or not, they will still look beautiful.

  1. Wear Your Wedding Perfume Often 

You probably know that scents and memory are very closely linked due to the brain anatomy. Use this scientific discovery to your advantage. Since you probably had a certain perfume on during your wedding day, make sure to wear it whenever you feel like it. Just a single whiff will take you back to your magical wedding day.

  1. Create a Wedding Slideshow

Sure, wedding pictures are fine, but the more your thumb through them, the more fragile they become. There is a way to keep these pictures forever fresh and give them a little pizzazz! Create a video with them that you’ll be able to watch over and over again. Here are the things you’ll need for the job: your favourite wedding pictures, a romantic tune and a wedding slideshow maker. And you’ll have the most spectacular way to relive your big day.

  1. Put Your Vows in a Frame

Do you remember how much time you spent writing your vows? These weren’t just words, but a spell that bound you two together. Have these words decorate your home and remind you of the time you first spoke them. If your relationship hits a rough patch, your framed vows will become more than just a decor - they’ll be a sort of a therapy.

  1.  Freeze a Bit of Your Cake

Have a sweet tooth, huh? Then this method is for you. Make sure to keep the top of your cake and put it in the freezer. Then, take it out on your first wedding anniversary and have your way with it. The cake won’t last very long, but it will surely remind you of the moment your partner smudged it all over your face.

  1. Make a Memory Box

You probably have a few little keepsakes or lovely trinkets from your wedding? Like a shell from a beach where you had your wedding, or a dried flower bud from the decorations or a piece of your veil that you accidentally tore off. Put them into a shadow box and keep it in your living room. Wherever you feel blue, open this box and run your fingers through those familiar textures - they’ll remind you of the happiest moment of your life. 

  1. Read Your Guestbook. Again.

Some people view the guestbook as something excessive and unnecessary. But if you had one at your wedding, you’ll be delighted to read all these warm wishes again. Page through these sweet words and recall all your dear and near you had the joy to share your happiness with. 

Even cynics cry at weddings, which only proves how emotional and impactful these ceremonies could be. This is why it is important to keep the memories of your wedding alive. They will take you through the darkest of days and make your happiness brighter on good days. So if you fear that your wedding memories become more vague every day, take our tips and reverse the process. Go back to the time when you were utterly happy and stay there for a while.

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