10 Christmas Gifts That Everyone Will Love

Some people can be notoriously difficult to buy for and it can leave you feeling a bit stumped when Christmas rolls around and you want to get them something that they'll actually love! Today I am sharing 10 ideas for Christmas gifts that are so fail-safe that everyone (even the hard to buy for) will love!

1. Photo Book of some of your favourite moments / memories

The perfect gift idea that can suit absolutely anyone is a photo book full of photographs of some of your favourites moments and memories together from over the years. You could theme it perhaps to just one particular memory - perhaps a holiday or you could add photos you've taken from over the time that you've known each other. Bonusprint offer a great selection of photo books and other personalised products. 

2. Soft throw

Is there anyone who can resist a soft throw? Either for use on the sofa for snuggling under and watching movies or to have over their bed, soft throws always make for a welcome present! I saw some lovely ones in B&M here in the UK the other day and also John Lewis had some amazing faux fur ones too! 

3. Neck and back massager

Everyone will love receiving a neck and back massager! I recently bought this back and neck massager off of Amazon for myself as an early Christmas present and I love it, plus it heats up, which is even better!

4. Rechargeable lighter

A rechargeable lighter is handy for so many reasons, whether to light candles or a home wood burner, the long length and charging ability makes it so much easier. This rechargeable lighter from Amazon is flameless, has no smell and no fuel is required. It automatically shuts off after 7 seconds to ensure safety and even has a safety lock on to protect  children from using it. One full charge can ignite more than 1,000 candles which is of course more environmentally friendly than refillable lighters and matches. 

5. Tile Mate Bluetooth tracker

Your gift recipient never has to lose something again with the Tile Mate bluetooth tracker which you can attach to pretty much anything such as house and car keys! You use the Tile app to ring the tile when it's within bluetooth range or ask your smart home device to find it for you. You can also double tap the button on your tile to make your mobile phone ring even when it's on silent. A cool gadget gift that you can't go wrong with!

6. Rechargable hand warmer 

Something on my own Christmas wish list is a rechargeable hand warmer. The weather is so cold at the moment and this seems like a great way to keep your hands warm whilst outside! 

7. A Personalised Travel Mug

Can you really go wrong with a personalised travel mug? With so many of us preferring to take our own travel / reusable mugs with us when we're on the go at the moment, a personalised travel mug seems like a great gift idea!


Did you know that LEGO now sell a huge range of LEGO sets for adults too? There quite literally is something for everyone and who can resist the chance to sit and build LEGO for an hour or so? It's great fun to build and awesome to have on display. I personally love this LEGO Flower Bouquet! If you are a Star Wars fan, I can't not mention my Husband's business - Demonhunter Bricks, he makes and sells his own creations out of genuine LEGO pieces and his LEGO Star Wars lightsabers are really popular!

9. Magazine annual membership

There are magazines out there for pretty much every interest that you can think of. So I think an annual magazine subscription that aligns with your recipients favourite interest would make an awesome Christmas gift idea! 

10. An experience voucher 

An experience voucher is usually always well received. You simply can't go wrong with gifting a a gift voucher for a spa day, a meal out, or even something like an afternoon tea! 

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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