Happy Birthday Slideshow: How to Make a Perfect Digital Gift

A birthday is a wonderful day, filled with celebrations, warm wishes, yummy food, and other pleasant things. A birthday is also a wonderful occasion to honor the celebrant - their sweet personality, impressive achievements, and whatnot. And what better way to do that could there be than a Happy Birthday slideshow? Such a slideshow can be both a gift to the birthday boy or girl, but also a nice way to express your true feelings towards them.

Don’t quite know how to make a birthday slideshow? No worries. This is not as hard as it might sound. In this article, we’ll share with you a few surefire tips on how to make a slideshow that would melt hearts and mist a few eyes. Already curious? Then let’s get going.

  1. Pick the Concept

No, a birthday slideshow doesn’t have to be just a bunch of pictures thrown together. If you want your project to have an emotional impact, find the perfect concept for it. For starters, you can create a sort of a year-in-review since the last birthday. Alternatively, you can chronicle the celebrant’s growing up from a wee baby to a serious adolescent/adult/senior person. Another idea involves creating a slideshow about the celebrant’s biggest achievements that you can end on a motivational note to inspire them to strive for more.

  1. Cull the Images

Once you know the concept, you’ll know what images to use. Don’t just stick to boring studio shots. Opt to using goofy and funny pictures or even those that are slightly unflattering - let the birthday boy or girl have a little laugh, there is nothing more endearing than self-irony. Don’t limit your slideshow to mere pictures. Make sure to use videos that can be a testimony to the celebrant’s sweet character.

  1. Find the Right Soundtrack

Want to have a really memorable slideshow? Then spice up your birthday slideshow with music. Which music? Well, it depends. Want to go all safe? Then the usual Happy Birthday to You tune is all you need. Want to make your video more personal? Then go with your loved one’s favourite jam. Having a sophisticated project? A classical piece would fit perfectly. Make sure to also base your choice on the celebrant’s age. We doubt that your nenna would love a song with explicit lyrics. 

  1. Set the Ideal Running Time

We have to be honest - there's actually no perfect running time for a slideshow. But luckily, there are a few guidelines. First of all, do not make your birthday slideshow shorter than 2 minutes - it will be underwhelming and you won’t be able to fit in all the pictures you wanted. Then, do not exceed 10 minutes. A video of this duration will bore your viewers and the celebrant. Make your slideshow run for 5 to 8 minutes or for the duration of two songs - this way you’ll maintain the audience’s interest and investment.

  1. Keep Embellishments Down

Granted, a gift wrapped into a glittering paper is enticing. But it does not apply to a birthday slideshow. So no matter how much you want to showcase your style as a slideshow maker, try to keep your project low-key. No flashing effects, no breathtaking animations, no gaudy decorations. These will only take the attention away from the pictures. And the focus should be on them, right?

  1. Let Your Slideshow Speak

We all want to hear sweet words on our big days, right? Then add your warmest wishes and motivational quotes to your slideshow. You can do it by adding animated text or by recording voice messages that you can sprinkle throughout your slideshow. Either way, make sure to pour your heart out.

  1. Export Wisely

Already know where and when you are going to show your gift? Then choose the right export option for your project. Go with a Full HD video if you are going to show it on a TV. Plan to post your video on social media? Then create an optimized slideshow just for the cause. You can even burn your birthday slideshow to a DVD.

Well, now you know how to make a birthday slideshow that would blow your audience away and show the birthday boy or girl how much you love them. Want to know more about making festive projects? Then be sure to check out more birthday slideshow ideas. But in the meantime, we hope that the birthday slideshow that you put together for your friend or relative will be the highlight of their big day.

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