A Christmassy Weekend!

At the weekend we put up our Christmas decorations and it's all starting to feel very real now - Christmas is on it's way! I can't believe it's less than three weeks away now, and I just know that those three weeks are going to absolutely fly! The house is feeling so cosy, I absolutely love having the decorations up, the fairy lights make it feel so cosy! The boys are really excited and so are we - is there anything better than watching your children get excited for Christmas?! What I love about Christmas is that it isn't just about the one day, the build up to it is also just as magical. Counting down the days is also so much fun! 

On Sunday we decided to take a bit of an impromptu trip over to a garden centre that we'd actually not been to before to treat ourselves to a drink and a cake and to have a browse of their Christmas decorations. They had some incredible displays and the cake was so tasty! We all wore Christmas jumpers and it felt like a lovely festive treat! 

On the way home, we randomly decided that it would be the perfect time to head over to a street that I'd seen shared on a local facebook page where the residents have gone all out with their Christmas decorations on the front of their houses and front gardens in aid of raising money for charity. Lots of people were there looking at the amazing decorations - and they were absolutely amazing! It was so Christmassy and it made me want to run out and buy more decorations for the front of our house! It's an absolutely wonderful way to raise money for charity too, people can donate money into buckets whilst they're there or you can also scan a QR code to send a donation electronically too! 

When we got home we also managed to catch Santa passing by on his sleigh outside our house! Every year he comes round with his helpers who are raising money for charity and the boys stand on the doorstep waving to him. It absolutely melts my heart! 

It was such a lovely way to spend the weekend, especially so as this was our first weekend together in four weeks as Adam had been working away at events most of the weekends in November. 

December really is the most magical month of the year isn't it? 

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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