Feeling Festive!

So the countdown is officially on! Christmas is coming! If you'd asked me a week or so ago if I felt festive I would have said no. Honestly? It feels like it was summer two minutes ago and I don't even remember Autumn being a thing.. it's gone THAT fast!

I think it's mostly due to the fact that November was a super busy month work-wise for Adam and our heads were both firmly stuck in making sure he was ready and fully prepared for his events of which he had three one after the other each weekend. But the hard work paid off as they were really successful for him, which we're so grateful for! But now that they are done, we have our weekends back as a family and we can focus on the exciting build up to Christmas!

Yesterday Adam and I went into town for a Christmassy day off together and it was so lovely, especially as the shopping centre is fully decorated for Christmas, they seem to have gone all out this year and it's so magical! We had lunch out together and done some Christmas shopping and I was really lucky to have been invited to have a HydraFacial at the Cavendish Clinic in John Lewis in the morning too, which was absolutely amazing! 

I also went out with my Mum last Friday for a Christmas shopping trip to The Range and we shopped for hours and had a bit of lunch out too. I came home feeling so festive! 

On Saturday we'll be putting our Christmas tree and decorations up and I can't wait! I love how cosy the Christmas tree lights make the house feel. I also want to take the boys into town so that they can see all of the festive decorations and lights and have a go on the Christmas carousel, heater skelter and train and then maybe we'll have a family meal out as a bit of a treat. We also have a trip to Santa's Grotto booked in for later on in the month and a trip to Waddesdon Manor's Christmas Fair and Light Trail. 

I'm also thrilled that the school have said that the key stage 1 nativity play can still go ahead for parents! We missed it last year due to covid and watching a video of it just wasn't the same. I think this will be the last nativity play  we'll get to watch, as they seem to have stopped doing it in Ethan's year and so I was so worried we'd not get to see this one! But they've said as long as we wear masks, socially distance and only have two people from each family attending, it will be fine. So I'm so pleased!

It's such an exciting time of year, the build up is always just as magical as Christmas Day itself! Especially so with children. The boys are growing up fast and I really want to make the most of the festivities with them whilst they're still young. 

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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