Things To Know Before Your Due Date

When your due date is approaching, life can feel a bit overwhelming. It is common to feel stressed if you haven’t done much planning. Thus, this guide will help you plan and ensure that you know the essentials before the due date comes around.

What to do in the event of an incident

Should you experience an incident during pregnancy or an incident during birth, you will need to know where to go to get the right support. Immediate support is the case if you experience an accident during pregnancy. Getting yourself and the baby checked is important to prevent issues. 

Furthermore, if you experience injury during birth, then you will want to use birth injury solicitors so that you can get help to investigate the claim and attain support throughout your case until you reach a satisfactory outcome.

Where you are going to give birth

You have the right to choose your birth hospital. Therefore, researching and visiting various places or assessing your own home for a home birth should be done way before your due date. It sounds crazy but it is common for places to get booked up. Thus, allocating your place early will ensure that you can give birth in your desired setting. 

Birthing plans do not always go the way you want them to, as you might go into labour earlier than expected. However, choosing your birthing place before the due date will give you an indication of where it should happen.

You might struggle to sleep

In the last few weeks and days leading up to your due date, you might really struggle to sleep. This could be for a number of reasons from feeling uncomfortable or having a lot on your mind. It is normal and should be expected. 

Therefore, ensure to rest and nap when you can or feel that you want to. The naps can make up for the restless nights and ensure that you aren’t completely out of energy every day. 

You can work until you want to

Some people like to finish work as early as possible. However, this could eat into your maternity leave, which will be more useful when the baby arrives. 

Therefore, if you want to continue to work until your due date, then you can. There is no reason that you can’t continue to work, so long as it doesn’t put too much physical or mental pressure on you.

Get the house prepared

Preparing the house might be the last thing on your list when you are tired and waiting to give birth. However, it can really help when the baby arrives. Instead of going home and having to build a cot, it will all be done for you. 

You will be able to introduce your baby into the world without worrying about setting up baby equipment. You can enjoy your time together and get as much rest as possible. Preparing this way before your due date can also help you know if you have got everything that you need.

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