3 Things To Put In A New Mum’s Care Package

The greatest new mum care gift is much more than just a delicious treat or something fun to do. It's actually something that will be helpful and appreciated, something that will make life with a new baby that little bit easier to deal with. Chocolates and flowers are lovely, but there are many more creative and practical options for a new mum's care package. Here are a few fabulous ideas for making the ideal present for a friend with a new baby.

A Water Bottle 

First and foremost, all new mothers must stay hydrated. Breast milk is about ninety percent water, so it's critical to keep your fluid intake up to maintain your supply if you're nursing, but drinking lots of water is essential regardless of how the baby is fed. When you're dehydrated, you'll feel sluggish, unwell, have a horrible headache, and you could be dangerously ill. A lovely water bottle in a new mum's care box serves as a reminder to stay hydrated.

On the topic of fluids, every new mum is going to be getting a lot less sleep than they used to now that the baby has arrived. Something else they will be grateful for in their carefully put-together care package is coffee. Order a coffee gift set and send it to your friends who might be feeling somewhat more tired than usual. If they don't want to drink caffeine, a decaffeinated coffee is best. 

Fresh, Healthy Meals 

New mothers must also eat as well as drink, which is easier said than done when a child takes up every second of your attention and every ounce of your energy. Give a new mum a week's worth of healthy frozen meals to alleviate the burden of meal preparation and cooking. In this way, there is always going to be something quick – yet healthy – for her to eat at home, no matter whether she feels like cooking or not. 

Alternatively, sign her up for a food delivery service that provides fresh, all-natural, chef-prepared meals. Choose from all kinds of different types, including some that are high in protein and low in processed sugars, some that are vegetarian, and some that stick to a particular cuisine like Spanish or Italian. Your friend just needs to heat them up and eat them.

Useful Beauty Products 

Every new mum appreciates beauty products, but it's critical to pick the right ones for her care package. A nice bath oil bottle is likely to collect dust on the tub's edge – those newborn days are all about fast showers whenever she has a free five minutes.

Instead, choose a luxurious dry shampoo (since showers are just not feasible on certain days) and a package of tiny hand lotions that she can use throughout the day and stash in her nappy bag for some on-the-go self-care. Also, if mum is nursing, include some lanolin-free nipple lotion in her new mum's care package as this might be the thing that she appreciates most of all.

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