5 Unique Present Ideas Anyone Will Love

When you've known someone for a long time, it can start to feel like it's a bit more of a challenge to buy for them for special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions. As much as you will want to surprise them with something special and unique, the logistics of that can sometimes be difficult especially if you live together. There are however, some unique present ideas that you cannot go wrong with even when it comes to the person that has everything! 

1. Experiences
One present you can usually guarantee that you can't go wrong with is an 'experience' present. This could be absolutely anything from a trip to the cinema for the person who is a film-lover, a well-planned picnic as something romantic, a sports car experience for the thrill-seeker or even a super relaxing spa day which can mostly be enjoyed by absolutely everyone. Who doesn't love the feeling of being refreshed and rejuvenated after a relax in the spa?! You can usually find good deals and discounts when booking experience days especially if there's two of you going, so do have a browse around online before booking and if you're local to Yorkshire then check out Titanic Spa as they have really good spa day deals in Yorkshire

2. Something hand-made

I don't know if it's just because I'm super sentimental, but I don't think you can beat something hand-made from a loved one. The thought that goes into actually hand-making something and the very fact that it is totally unique is what makes for such an amazing present. Things like scrapbooks of your time together, a photo album, a hand made picture that you can get framed (for one Father's Day, the boys and I made my Husband a frame which had the boys hand prints on a piece of card inside, with some Scrabble letters that we'd bought online below the handprints saying 'We Love you Daddy'). If you're stumped for ideas but want to hand make something special then there are some amazing ideas on Pinterest.

3. Personalised food & drink hamper 
If you're buying for someone who is a bit of a foodie, then a personalised food and drink hamper could make for a fantastic unique gift. You could buy a nice basket / hamper and fill it with some of their favourite drinks and foods. For vegans or vegetarians a hamper filled with meat-free goodies could be really thoughtful. To make it really unique and special to them, make sure to fill the hamper with things you know they already love plus some new things for them to try. You could also decorate the hamper too to make it feel even more special. 

4. Gift your skills
Everyone has something that they are good at and so for a totally unique gift, you could think about how you could use your skills to do something special for whoever it is that you're celebrating. For example if you're good at art, perhaps you could create something special for them? If you're a good gardener, could you help them create a beautiful outdoor space? If you're good at taking photographs could you capture some lovely photos of them? 

5. Gift them the day off
If they're a parent, you could offer to look after the children for the day so that they can relax or you could take over all the housework and the cooking for the day. Let them enjoy a long lie in, a relaxing bubble bath, let them put their feet up and watch a movie and cook them their favourite meal! Everyone loves being taken care of and to spend the day relaxing. 

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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