Updated Loft Conversion Bedroom Room Tour

It's been three years since we had our loft converted from a dark dingy attic into a bedroom that has become one of our favourite rooms in our house and there's not a day that's gone by that we have regretted our decision to spend our savings on doing it. 

My Husband and I both work from home and as he runs a custom lego business he has a lot of stock tha, pre converting our attic, we were running out of room for. We also love the area that we live in and as such we didn't want to move. So going up into our attic was for us, the best choice. 

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Before and even whilst our loft was being converted I couldn't really picture it (luckily my Husband has always been very good at coming up with plans and visualising how things will look), I'd always imagined it would be smaller than it turned out to be. 

It's funny to think that this space used to be dark and dingy, as with the VELUX windows in and little touches like the mirrors we've used to bring in extra light it's transformed into the lightest room in our home. 

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Over on my YouTube channel, I've just published an updated room tour following on from the video and blog post that I published three years ago when we first had it converted. 

In my video, I've talked about some of the decor and accessories that we have in our bedroom with our newest addition being our new bed which I am in total love with as I feel it has completely transformed the room. It took us SO long to find the right bed that we both liked and as soon as we saw this one we both loved it straight away, we bought it from Tempur and it's their Holcot ottoman bed. The headboard is HUGE, so big in fact that we had to have it split and then put back together by a professional just to be able to get it up our stairs. (Although I think it was very worth it). 

loft conversion

We've also added a new bookcase in which we recently bought from IKEA (whilst filming my video I realised how much of our furniture is actually from IKEA, including our wardrobe and my dressing table). 

And I love the frames that we have in our bedroom, they're all from an online store called Desenio and we actually have their posters and frames in pretty much every single room in our home. We've been fortunate enough that they've wanted to collaborate with us and we've just given our loft conversion landing and stairs area a bit of a makeover (see the last photo in this post) which we love!

loft conversion,

malm dressing table, loft conversion, modern dressing table,

My dressing table is from IKEA and is the MALM dressing table, it holds so much of my makeup and I really like it. My mirror on top is also from IKEA and it's great because it has room behind it to hide things like makeup brushes etc :) 

loft copnversion, grey tiles ensuite

Another thing that I love about our loft conversion, is the fact that we now have an ensuite. It might not be huge, but it does it's job and to me, it feels like a real luxury having our own toilet and shower connected to our bedroom. 

loft conversion, ensuite

We'd originally left our loft conversion landing and stairs area blank, but having recently added some frames and some shelves for extra Lego storage for my Husband's own personal collection, we're so happy with it as we feel we've added a bit of character to what was before just blank unused space.

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If you'd like to see our full loft conversion bedroom room tour you can head over to my YouTube channel or watch the video embedded below. :)

 Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo


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  1. Oh wow, your house looks stunning. I've never seen a loft conversion done this lovely before, they usually always have dingy vibes to them still. Your husbands job sounds really cool btw! x

  2. I would LOVE to have a bedroom like that! It's so beautiful! You did an amazing job :)