5 Inexpensive & Easy Ways to Accessorise Your Outfit

For current and expecting mothers, it can be easy to get into a routine of comfort and completely disregard exciting, fashionable outfits. Those signature jeans that made you feel super confident are no longer the most practical option to wear. Therefore, they fall to the bottom of your drawers. 

No one should ever expect you to drop your comfy flats in favour of some kitten heels just for show. However, many women do find happiness in intentionally dressing up for themselves once in a while.

If you need some simple and cheap ways to feel like you have your life in control from head to toe, try one (or a combination!) of these:

  1. Mix Up Your Phone Case

Anyone who has ever met a child knows that they will, without fail, ask to “play games on your phone.” It’s like clockwork. When you live an on-the-go lifestyle that all parents do, safer, more heavily padded phone cases normally win out over stylish ones.

The downside is that most protecting phone cases tend to be clunky and chunky rather than sleek and colourful. Good luck fitting one of those bulky cases into the microscopic pockets of your favourite jeans. 

Fortunately, cute iPhone cases are not hard to come by thanks to online marketplaces. It’s super easy to pop on a new phone case that has your favourite design on it for the day. Plus, new case designs give you the best of both words – fall protection and fun prints.

  1. Choose a Fun Watch

Lots of people swear by their everyday watches, but with modern smartwatches, it is easier than ever to change up the watch aesthetic. Your smartwatch is counting your steps anyways, might as well wear a band that brightens up your day each time you check your progress.

Try out a bright, bold colour for your next band. A sun-yellow watch band is perfect year-round. Another plus is that colour therapy suggests that yellow can brighten your mood and increase your energy.

  1. Grab a Bright Bag

A more obvious wardrobe addition would be your choice of bag. Hands-free is the name of the game in parenting – which is totally fine because of the wide range of stylish cross body bags and other convenient purses.

For a more stand out look, pick a coloured bag that really clashes and stands out against a softer outfit. For example, try a pale green outfit with a bold purple or bright pink bag. Another good colour combination option is pink with bright red (Ariel is a trendsetter).

  1. Wear a Statement Scarf

Scarves are an age-old way to add a sense of personality to your outfit. Tried and tested, you can’t go wrong with a printed scarf layered with a simpler shirt or jacket. If you have a beloved necklace that your young one can’t resist tugging at, a scarf is also a great layer of protection for that.

  1. Flash the (Costume) Jewels

While authentic jewellery is lovely, it isn’t always practical financially. This is especially true for mothers of young children who like to play dress up in mum’s wardrobe. 

One of the quickest ways to liven up any outfit is to toss on some colour blocking arm candy, such as tastefully beaded bracelets. 

Try keeping your bangs and baby hairs out of the way with summery floral detailed hair clips. You will find that stylized bobby pins and scrunchies are also a fun yet practical way to add small details to your look.


You don’t need to break the bank to spruce up your wardrobe – try switching up any of these everyday elements, and you’ll be surprised by the results.

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