Boys Bedroom Decor Updates: Growing Up

I'm sure all parents can relate when I say keeping the boy's bedrooms tidy is a daily challenge! But, even so, I absolutely love their bedrooms and I feel so fortunate that they both have their own space to play, create and grow in. We finished Ethan's blue and white bedroom makeover in late 2018 after a two-storey side extension which made his bedroom double the size it was and it has worked so well for him. However, as he grows up and his interests change I like to change the decor around a bit and so recently we've done a few updates including adding some better lego storage which I shared here as well as some new wall art from Posterlounge and also some other little personal touches which I wanted to share. 

solar system print, space poster, space prints,

To begin with, I needed to find a better Lego storage option for Ethan as he has a lot of Lego now and I found the perfect answer in the Trofast storage unit from IKEA which we've put next to his bed. The boxes are deep and so hold a lot of Lego and they also pull out so that the boys can take the boxes out and play with them on the floor. With the top two boxes, we use one for mini-figures and the other for books, notebooks and other things that Ethan likes to have with him at bedtime. He uses the top of the unit a bit like a shelf with his clock on and his drink at bedtime. 

solar system print, space poster, space prints,

Above his bed we have a brand new Solar System print from Posterlounge.co.uk- Ethan absolutely loves it and I think it goes really nice with his room decor and fills the space above his bed really well. What is great about Posterlounge is that you can order different prints in different print options without any compromise on quality. So as this is placed above Ethan's bed we opted to have the print printed on to a foam board so in the unlikely case that it did fall down whilst Ethan was in bed he would be completely safe. (Not that we're expecting it to!).

dinosaur frames, dinosaur posters, dinosaur prints,
dinosaur frames, dinosaur posters, dinosaur prints,

We've also added these amazing dinosaur gallery prints which look absolutely brilliant together! We went for this T-rex print and this Diplodocus print. We ordered them in the 'gallery print' option and they've been printed behind an acrylic glass panel and then framed (also via Posterlounge) so the quality of these are incredible! I think these are the perfect addition to Ethan's room, he loves dinosaurs and these are such lovely, modern prints! 

rabbit print, rabbit frame

Whilst we were browsing Posterlounge we also came across this adorable Rabbit print and we instantly knew that Logan would absolutely love it. His favourite teddy that he has slept with every night from birth is a Rabbit that he calls 'Bunny' that looks just like this rabbit. When it arrived and we put it up in his room Logan was so happy! 

rabbit print, rabbit frame

Both of our boys absolutely love colouring, they do colouring daily and so we thought these colouring posters from Posterlounge would be a really nice thing for them to do. They have been busy making a start on colouring them in and then the plan is to frame them when they are finished to add a really nice personal touch to their bedroom decor. We went for: Home of the easter bunny print (for Logan who loves rabbits), cat colouring print (for Ethan who loves cats like his Mummy!) and the A rainbow in the sky print because Logan loves rainbows and I think they are all lovely!

You may well have seen that we've also added some new Lego decor to Ethan's room too. A lot of it has been DIY - things that we've made ourselves such as the frame below and his name out of Lego from bricks that we already had at home. Take a look at our fun lego ideas blog post to see what else we've been getting up to. 

lego diy framelego name,

We're so happy with the decor updates that we've done to Ethan's bedroom, just a few changes has made such a difference and we absolutely love his new prints. If you are looking to update your home with some new prints then take a look at Posterlounge.co.uk, there's so much choice and something to suit all different rooms in all different sorts of homes. The prints are sent in protective packaging and we found the delivery was quick too. As I said above you can choose from an array of different print options and you can even have your prints framed before they are sent if you want to too! 

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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