Essentials Checklist: Everything You Need in a Baby Nursery 

A nursery is a room specially dedicated to babies and baby-related activities. Such activities include feeding, sleeping, and changing. For this reason, there are some essential items to consider when designing a nursery. Below are some essentials for a baby nursery;

1. Baby cot bed

A baby cot bed is also referred to as infant beds. They feature a bed with protective rails all around and a mattress. There are different sizes and beautiful design for baby cots. Mattresses for baby cots are specially designed for the beds. When choosing the perfect mattress size, consider the size of the bed. You will also need sheets and blankets for your baby cot. A waterproof mattress cover is also a good idea. This is an essential item in any baby nursery.

2. Changing Tables

Changing tables or changing pads are essential items in a nursery. In the nursery, changing tables are installed on a corner in the room. On the other hand, changing pad kits are used for outdoor purposes. When choosing the best changing tables, consider a material that is easy to clean, does not soak liquids or stain easily.

3. Clothing

You need clothing items like undershirts, onesies, nightgowns, pants, hats, socks, mittens, booties, cardigans, jackets, snowsuits, and other optional outfits for occasions. Make sure to get more than a dozen of each item.

4. Drawers and Dressers

If you haven’t had kids yet, you may not know how much clothes babies need. However, babies need even more clothes than adults. The reason why this is so is that kids need to be changed several times a day. For this reason, you need adequate space to store the clothes in an organised manner. Drawers and dressers will do the trick. You can also store nappies, washcloths, and bibs in the drawers. Some parents opt out of buying changing tables and use the top surface of the dressers or drawers as changing tables instead.

5. Nursing Chair

A nursing chair is also an essential item in a baby nursery. The role of the chair is to allow the parent to sit comfortably while feeding the baby in the nursery. The ideal designs of nursing chairs are those you can lean, rock, swivel, and those that allow you to put your feet up. Comfort for the mother allows her to produce milk and to feed the baby for as long as possible until satisfaction.

6. Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow would also come in handy in the nursery. The role of the pillow is to allow the baby’s head to be propped up properly. Trying to maintain this position without a pillow can lead to discomfort and carpal tunnel for the mummy. This position keeps the baby from suffering issues like indigestion and gas. The pillow can also come in handy when you want to take your baby through tummy exercises and training the baby to sit up.

7. Surveillance

CCTV installation is a wise idea, especially if you are not sharing a room with the baby or have to go to work during the day. The cameras will help you keep track of what happens in the nursery in your absence. A baby monitor is also essential because it helps you monitor the sound coming from the nursery like crying in your absence.


When designing a baby nursery for the first time, you may want to get professional help or help from an experienced mother. For a first time mother, it is normal to forget some items.

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