It's all 'Bright | Me and Mine May 2018

Looking back at the last few months I definitely felt like I was being pulled along, despite having a few highs like Ethan's fifth birthday and our trip to Disneyland Paris, the months were slipping through my fingers and the anxiety troubles I was having due to my health were always on my mind or in the back of my head. It took what felt like a long time for the fog to finally clear and for me to stop worrying and feel back in control. I've spoken more about this over on my YouTube channel, where I am also going to be sharing some of the techniques I used to help me get through that tough time.

So many things have helped me to get over that horrible night back at the end of February, time has been an excellent healer and the CBT combined with a new book I'm reading have helped a lot too. I'm booked in for an endoscopy at the end of June with my Gastroenterologist who wants to recheck for H.Pylori and to see if anything else might be going on in my stomach. And whilst I'm nervous about having a camera down my throat, it's reassuring to know that if there is anything nasty left, it will be found. The whole experience and all the months I spent anxiously worrying after the first night I went to hospital have helped me to learn and to grow. I think our experiences shape us, even the bad ones. It's just such a relief to finally see that it's going to be alright. Things feel brighter now and not just because of my brightly coloured family snaps this month. ;)

I think one thing I need to learn to accept is that life feels fast. We're heading into the sixth month of the year tomorrow and I can't quite believe it. But then that seems to be a common theme with me - I can never believe how fast the months go. Maybe it's felt this fast ever since I became a Mum, or maybe a Mum of two? Or since I became self-employed? Or perhaps it's a combination of all three? I'm heading into my 30's this year and that in itself feels crazy! One thing I do know though is that I am happy, truly happy even throughout those not very nice months I felt deeply grateful for all the amazing things in my life, particularly my family. I wouldn't change a thing and I guess if you wouldn't change anything then it really doesn't matter if time feels like it's passing quickly.

We've just got from an overnight stay in a luxurious glamping tent at Warwick Castle and we had such a lovely time - it was so nice to get away and have what felt like a mini holiday almost. The boys were so excited and as huge castle lovers, as were Adam and I. Our tent was so cosy (yet incredibly roomy - more on this soon) and we fell asleep listening to the raindrops hitting the tent knowing we were in the grounds of a beautiful castle, it was such a wonderful experience. 

We've got lots to look forward to with the house renovations currently going on. We're gaining a bigger kitchen/dining area, Logan's bedroom is being made bigger, we're gaining a porch, having our driveway done, having our garden completely made over and we're also getting a whole new kitchen. Our house is going to look and feel so different. It in fact already does as the walls for the kitchen and Logan's room have now been knocked through so we can now really see how big the rooms are going to be, which is very exciting! I can't wait until it's all done and finished completely and is all ours to enjoy - it really does feel like a bit of a dream to be turning our home into our dream family home in an area we have grown to love so much. 

I hope you've all had a lovely May (how nice has it been to see some lovely sunshine this month?!). :)
Thank you for reading. 
Alex xo 


  1. It sounds like you have so much going on at the moment. Good luck with all your renovations we had our kitchen done last year and I found it hard going.

  2. Lovely photo and sounds like you are busy! Good luck with the endoscopy

    Kay xx

  3. I hope the renovations go well. It looks like you have a lot going on at the moment, but busy can be good!

  4. Love the photos which you have shared and nice to get little updates about what's happening with the family too. We have just returned from a glamping holiday at Warwick Castle and can't wait to read your view on it as well.


  5. Sounds like things are really picking up now and although time is going quickly you're making the most otu of it x

  6. I hope your renovations go well! Sounds like the past few months have been a little busy and crazy! That stay at Warwick Castle sounds lovely.

  7. Loving the gorgeous pictures. I would love to go glamping. I hear it's so much nicer than camping which I did as a child - not so much fun.

  8. you got a lot on your plate lately. good luck and wishing you the best with everything <3 i am looking forward to your new posts :)

  9. Oh I love a good house project - Hard work though. I hope you are starting to feel lighter - so hard when everything feels on top of you x

  10. Good luck with the renovations! Time is going super fast here too!

  11. I agree this year is flying buy, and everything good and bad seems to just go so quickly.

  12. Good luck with the house renovations. I’ve seen some things around Warwick castle recently, looks like a fab place to stay

  13. Wow babe you have so much going on. I hope all your health troubles get resolved soon and that you start getting better. Also Good luck with all your renovations, renovations are always a lot of work.

  14. Such lovely photos hun! I'm so glad you're finally starting to feel a bit better - you've been through a lot over the past few months. I've had a few endoscopies and would definitely recommend asking for the sedation rather than just having the throat spray. Obviously it's a personal decision, but the sedation made it a lot easier for me to deal with and it was over before I knew it. I know what you mean about time passing so quickly. I will be turning 30 in October and I just can't believe it. I still feel like a teenager! Hope the renovations are going well :)

    Jenny xx