And Then You Were Five.. Ethan's 5th Birthday

My little boy, my original 'Bump to Baby', you're five! Five whole years old. And you're everything I had hoped having a little boy would be. And Motherhood is everything I'd hoped it would be too.

With you being my eldest I feel like together we're sort of leading the way, discovering things together. You're my first baby to turn five. It wont be any less special when Logan turns five, it's just that with you it's the first time I've ever had a five year old - it's all new to me with you.

The last five years have honestly been the very best years of my life. I love being a family, I love all the memories we make, adventures we go on and just the general day to day.

You and I are quite similar - we have the same sense of humour I think and we share a love for cats. You're also a lot like your Daddy, you're very creative like him and you love to build and make things. You're really in to Lego and you love making different crafts - you're always sticking boxes together with empty toilet roll holders and asking us for the cello tape.

You've always been happiest outside and that hasn't changed. You're really not in to much tech and very very rarely ask for the iPad, in fact you don't really. You'd much rather play outdoors, digging in the mud and making cat dens. Or if it's raining you'll be found pulling the sofa cushions off the sofa and making dens with those. I love that you're like this, I love to see your creative/active side flow.

You're still really fussy with food, although you do eat a range of different snacks. I think as I've relaxed more with it, you have to. Life's too short to over worry about food isn't it? On that note, you're brilliant with being a vegetarian - whenever you're given sweets or something similar you'll always come and ask if they're vegetarian and if they're not you're totally fine to wait for us to get you something else that is.

Logan and you seem to get on far better with each other the more time you spend together, which is very much how your Daddy and I are with each other haha. You and Logan are very similar, you're headstrong and both stubborn, so you can clash quite a bit sometimes. But that's typical of all siblings, I was the same with my brother. During the school holidays you both seem to get on so much better with each other, you become little friends and it's lovely to see. You both look out for each other and love each other a lot and I love that you will always have each other.

At school you're doing really well. You're great with numbers, you can add, subtract and count in 2's and 10's. You're doing really well with your reading too. I think like your Daddy, numbers come more naturally to you, but you try really hard with reading. You love PE as you're really active and you also enjoy drawing pictures which you bring home to us. You are in a really lovely village school and it's perfect for you, you've made good friends and your teachers are lovely.

This year was the first year that you were at school for your birthday as you're in Reception now. You excitedly opened your presents in the morning, which mostly consisted of cat-related things as you are more cat-obsessed than me lately. And then off you went to school with some chocolate bars for your school friends and a birthday badge on your uniform. After school you played with some of your gifts and then had you favourite dinner (pasta and cheese sauce) before family came to visit you. You loved having them round and you loved getting more presents to open! On Saturday you're having a party with your school friends at a gym/leisure club, it'll be the first time we've done something like that, as usually we've stuck to parties with family, so I'm really excited for you. And then we're going to go to Chessington World Of Adventures maybe the next weekend as something for just us.

Ethan you're such a lovely little boy. We love you so much and are so so proud of you. We honestly feel so lucky to get to be your Mummy and Daddy. xxxx


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