Come on in! Is your home inviting to burglars?

Being burgled, robbed and having an intruder in your home, rifling through your possessions is one of the most violating experiences we can have. And if this happens, then it’s inevitable that’ll we’ll end up blaming ourselves. 
Was there anything we could have done? Was it my fault they got in through that window? I should have replaced that lock sooner…
But don’t despair, if you’re worried that your home might look inviting to a burglar or an opportunist thief then read on; here you’ll find some helpful tips that can protect your home from a potential invasion. 
Outdoor lighting 
Think about it. A thief who doesn’t want to get caught will steer clear of a well lit house. So, make sure yours fits into this category. If your property has a dark, unlit driveway leading to the front door then consider installing some motion sensor lights -  there’s a great range of LED lighting from LED Hut - garden wall lights or even flood lights that will illuminate the area if someone is moving around. 
These are ideal in the garden too and will give you peace of mind, as well as a nasty shock for the would-be intruder. 
Nowhere to hide
Most thieves and burglars need places to hide after a crime has been committed or somewhere to view and assess your property to see if they can gain access. The ideal place? In your overgrown plants, bushes and shrubbery. You’ve got no chance of spotting them in the bushes in the dark! Make sure you don’t forget to do regular maintenance on your garden plants; not only will it remove a place to hide, but it will also show the intruder that your home is well looked after, and someone is probably watching.
Leave nothing on display
Your living room isn’t akin to a department store window. So, you must be careful not to leave your expensive valuables or electronic items on display for the world to see, or for any potential thief to consider stealing. 
But that doesn’t mean you have to hide your TV every time you go out. Hanging drapes or blinds to obscure the view of what’s in your home is a perfect deterrent. 
Think outside the sock drawer
Believe it or not, not all thieves are stupid. Many of them will know the places to look for valuable items such as jewellery and money. So, before you hide your diamond necklace inside a pair of socks or in a cereal box, consider investing in a safe or deposit box instead. 
Send a clear message
If you really want to drive the message home that your property is safe and secure, then say it with signs. There’s nothing wrong with displaying a few signs such as “SMILE – YOU’RE ON CCTV” or “Beware of the dog” as a burglar deterrent. Not many burglars or opportunist thieves would want to run the risk of being caught on CCTV! 


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