Oh Motherhood.

Oh Motherhood.

How you break me and you make me.

How you speed up my life and slow it down.

How you bring me closer to my Husband and how you distance me too.

How you give me strength that I didn't know that I had and how you make me feel weaker than I ever knew I could feel.

Oh Motherhood. What a roller coaster this is.

Sometimes I feel like I'm standing at the top of a very tall mountain, the sun is shining down on my skin and everything in the world is exactly where it should be. I'm proud. I'm strong. I'm on top of the world.

And then I'm suddenly at the bottom and I'm scrambling around. I look up and the mountain is tall - so tall that I can't see the top. And it's cold in the shade and I feel small and alone. I'm deflated and I'm weak. So close to being broken.

I'm being chased by a monster, a monster I've named guilt. And sometimes I outrun him, but other times he catches me.

Oh Motherhood.

How you've taught me so much, but how you can make me feel clueless.

How you've put me on the right path and shown me direction, but how you can sometimes make me feel so lost.

Oh Motherhood. You are such a whirl.

You've brought me babies I adore. Two babies that I'd do anything for.

And Motherhood, whist you are often so confusing and so up and down

There's always one thing that remains and stays exactly the same

These two babies that you've brought me.. they are always my reason, they are always what for.

And they are always loved beyond anything and will never be loved more.

 Thank you for reading. Alex xo


  1. Aw Alex I could have just posted this! I feel exactly the same right now, such a rollercoaster! But we're doing fab, lots of love xxx

  2. Lovely post Alex. Exactly how I'm feeling at the moment x

  3. This is just lovely Alex <3 It is SUCH a rollercoaster isnt it. You're doing amazing chick! xx

  4. I am just starting the adventure... lets see how it goes ahahahahah


  5. Oh Alex I love this post so true so beautifully written too. Sharing on my #littleloves post tomorrow hope that's ok? :)