3 Ways To 'Give Back' When You Get Married

As you plan your upcoming nuptials, it can be easy to become wrapped up in the excitement of it all. However, despite how busy and hectic things might get in the run up to your big day, there are a number of ways you can give back. To find out how your wedding could help others, keep reading.

Make a charity contribution on behalf of your guests
For many couples, choosing the perfect wedding favours is an important part of the planning process. However, guests often leave these gifts behind or don’t end up using them, so why not take the money you would have spent on your favours and make a charity contribution on their behalf instead? There’s no doubt your wedding guests will love being part of your kind, thoughtful gesture, not to mention the impact you’ll have on those who need it most. Making your contribution is easy too. Many charities, including www.humanappeal.org.uk, give you the chance to make your donation online.

Donate your leftover food
If your caterer will let you, why not box up any leftover food and donate it? While you hope your guests will fill up during the wedding breakfast, there’s likely to be some grub going spare at the end of the day. So, instead of letting it go to waste, you could give your leftovers to those who need it, for example by gifting it to  a homeless shelter. You’ll feel good knowing that your carefully selected menu is getting used up and that those less fortunate will be able to enjoy a delicious meal as a result of your kindness.

Gift your floral arrangements
Let’s be honest - wedding flowers can be pretty pricey, and given that you can only use them for a day, it seems a shame to simply get rid of your arrangements once the celebrations are over. To make sure their beauty doesn’t go to waste, you could repurpose your floral arrangements by giving them to others to enjoy. For example, you could donate your flowers to a local retirement home or a children’s hospital. Whether it’s a pretty bridesmaid posy or an extravagant table centrepiece, your wedding florals could help brighten up someone else’s day.

While it might feel like your wedding is all about you and your other half, there’s no harm in sparing a thought for others during this happy and exciting time. 

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