Kids Room Ideas: Car Themed Room

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Both of my boys have been massively in to cars as their first proper 'more grown up' toy. 

I think the fact that little toy cars are just the exact right size for carrying around in their little hands hands is why. Plus there's the fact that these little toy cars that fit ever so nicely into their hands also come with wheels, which make for lots of fun pushing back and forth. And then there's the fact that having their own little car that looks just like Mummy and Daddy's proper grown up car is probably pretty darn cool to them. 

My eldest Son Ethan, now four, has been in to lots of different things over the years - he's gone from cars to planes to now dinosaurs and I'm pretty sure Power Rangers is starting to creep in there too now. And then my youngest little boy Logan, who is two at the end of June, likes Peppa Pig and is massively in to cars. 

Back when we did their rooms, we chose an aeroplane theme for our plane-obsessed Ethan and for Logan, who was just a baby at the time, we went with a star themed nursery, which I really adore and will be sad to change. 

But over the the next few years we are planning on adding a two storey side extension to our home and the plan is is that it will make Logan's room pretty much double the size it is now. We're a little way off yet, but being a home decor lover, I can't stop myself thinking about what theme we might go for in there. 

We haven't decided on anything concrete yet, but I have found some fantastic car-themed kids room ideas on Pinterest that I really like and think he would too. I've been pinning them on a board for 'just in case'. What I love about Pinterest is that you can always find the best creative ideas for pretty much anything, which you can then take inspiration from and put your own spin on, it's great for getting ideas. I've always done it with the rooms in our house. 

There are so many great car-themed bedroom ideas for kids, I've linked the Pinterest board I've started below for inspiration. But things like this drive-around doorway look so easy to do but add so much character and theme to the room, I love it. I also love the idea of adding some road signs to a kids room to really add to the car theme. I've found a great website (Stocksigns.co.uk) where you can get road signs inexpensively which I've saved for later. I also love the idea of having a little pull out drawer for under the bed which can be use as a bit of a table for something like a road, with room to store the cars in underneath. Ethan, my eldest, currently has a bed that would be able to do this, so I think I might consider doing something like this for him. It's such a brilliant, space saving idea!


Do you have a theme in your kids bedroom? If so what did you go with? And where did you look for your inspiration? 

Thanks for reading. Alex xo


  1. Oh stop I love designing rooms. I am in the middle of selling a few bits and get started on the kids bedrooms. Chloes room will be cat themed in pink and grey. I am not entirely sure about Matthew's room but I was thinking super hero. He got a single bed last week which I still need to build and his sister will get the old junior bed then. I get all my inspirations from pinterest.

  2. Great ideas here, I LOVE that letter/road picture! x