Things that make Logan happy at 18 months!

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There's so much we love about our children as parents, but their laughter has got to be right up there at the top I think hasn't it? There's not a lot better than listening to our little ones giggle and fill up with excitement. 

As a Mum of two, watching my boys giggle together is one of the absolute best things! Bath time is usually a good time for this, my two water-loving boys love sharing a bath, they usually spend it splashing and kicking the water about and of course jumping all over each other. 

Their laughs never get old, every single laugh, every single giggle. It's one of the best things about being a parent. Us Mums and Dad's just want to see our little people happy don't we? 

When he's not teething and a bit grumpy, Logan finds the smallest things funny, things like playing hide and seek together, like his brother crawling behind him chasing him, like bounding up and down the length of the sofa with us by his side. He also loves hearing the bath water running ready for bath time, being tickled and playing silly games together. 

Happiness is listening to running water, it's hearing his favourite shows on the TV, it's hearing Daddy come in from work, it's hearing his brother come home from pre-school, it's hearing the front door open and knowing we're going out, it's the sound of us cooking his dinner in the kitchen, it's the sounds of being in the car which at times sends him to sleep. It's all the little things that in his very first year of life he has come to recognise and to find comfort in.

I love that at this age, it’s the little, ordinary things that make them happy. C&G baby club recently worked with the brilliantly talented musician Imogen Heap, child psychologist Caspar Addyman and music psychologist Lauren Stewart from Goldsmiths Department of Music, to create the #SoundofHappy song, a lovely tune that’s packed with sounds that are scientifically tested to make babies happy! 

Check out the video below or at the Sound of Happy website, www.soundofhappy.com, to listen to the songs. It’s packed with the sounds scientifically proven to make little ones feel happy, like parents saying “boo”, blowing raspberries, kissing noises and quacking ducks! I love that the song reflects our experience that it’s little, ordinary things that make them happy, whether it’s hearing Daddy come in from work, or the sounds of cooking in the kitchen. 

My littlest man is not always so full of smiles (especially at the moment with all his little pegs coming through) but when he is, there’s really not a lot much better than that for me as a Mum! What sounds make your babies happy? Please share your baby’s favourite sounds in the comment box or via Twitter using the hashtag #SoundofHappy.

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Advertorial brought to you by C&G baby club

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