My Favourite Ways To Feel Cosy When It's Cold Outside

I always say how much of a Summer kind of person I am - I don't like the cold and I'm not the biggest fan of feeling stuck indoors either, especially when Ethan and Logan start getting bored of being inside too. Today as just a bit of fun (and because despite disliking the cold weather, I do like to feel cosy) I thought I would share five of my favourite ways to feel snug and warm indoors when the weather outside is frightful.

Cuddling up to a heatable cuddly toy

I love my Warmies heatable cuddly sheep - I use it a bit like a hot water bottle, but it's far softer and so much better to cuddle up to. Plus after a couple of minutes in the microwave it releases a lavender aroma and I absolutely love the smell of lavender, it's my favourite, it makes me feel so calm. Our home office is the coldest room in our house, not much heat gets in here, so I tend to have it on my lap whilst I work or behind me between my back and the chair if I'm feeling a bit achey. The heat from it helps calm down my back muscles when they're feeling overly tense. I really love it and it's inexpensive too: intelex.co.uk.

Lighting candles 

Like the smell of lavender, I find having a candle lit makes me feel instantly more relaxed. I especially love scented candles like this one which I received for Christmas from my in-laws. It's called Sugar and Spice and it really does smell so good, I burnt it for a few hours the other night and the room smelt of it the entire day the next day. I'm pretty sure that they got it from New Look and I really recommend it if you like scented candles.

Wearing my dressing down 

Can you believe I don't have a recent photograph of me in my dressing down? That's shocking considering how much time I spend in it! Anyway, I will share this picture of my three year old Ethan in his brand new dressing gown that he got for Christmas from his Grandparents instead. He's a lucky boy - it's so soft and warm, I'd quite like one like it for myself. I don't think there's anything more comfier than being in a nice pair of pyjamas and a big, soft dressing gown. My dressing gown and PJs are first things that I change in to when I get home from a busy day out.

A hot cup of tea 

Tea is like fuel to me, especially as a Mum to very young children. But it's also such a welcome comfort when it's cold and miserable outside. I suffer with Raynaud's Phenomenon which is a bit of a weird condition where my fingers turn yellow and get quite numb when I'm cold, so I'm often found warming my hands up on a hot mug of tea. I love my new mug that my Mum and Step-Dad bought for me for Christmas - they know me too well. ;) 

Wearing my favourite pair of slippers 

I live in slippers probably more than I live in anything else. I always seem to have cold feet without slippers so it makes sense to just wear them all of the time, though I do take them off for bed. ;) My Sister in Law bought me these for Christmas because she knows how much I love wearing my slippers and of course how much I love cats. They remind me so much of the sort of slippers I had as a little girl and the face on the front looks so much like Bunny - my childhood favourite cuddly toy who I slept with every night. They've got the same eyes and nose that she had!

So those are my favourite ways to feel more snuggly and cosy indoors. What are yours?



  1. Loved this post, currently sitting on the sofa with a lovely cuppa and some fluffy slippers!

    Liza Prideaux | YouTube

  2. A cup of tea and I am sorted. Easy to please.

  3. All of these are mine too!! The girls would love some warm up cuddlies!

  4. Ah lovely ideas! I'm all about my unicorn hot water bottle when I'm cold but I usually have the opposite problem - my thyroid condition makes me hot so winter is the only time the temperature is comfortable for me haha! That cuddly teddy is so cute! X