A Guide To Exploring Sicily With Children

Since traveling with kids is always an adventure, and can also be a bit of a handful sometimes, having the support of and being welcomed by the local community can really make a difference. As Sicilians are traditionally very, very family-oriented and lively, Sicily is truly a wonderful destination for family travel. With a lot to see and do on the island, Sicily has something for people of all ages and interests. You and your family can explore the outdoors, eat some amazing food, and have plenty of adventurous trips before starting again the next day. 

Aside from the adventure in it itself of stopping for a gelato or granita (semi-frozen flavored drink), there is so much more to experience! For the rest and relaxation aspect of your holiday, you have a choice between many public beaches and water activities. Sometimes nothing sounds better than simply enjoying the seaside and building a sandcastle with your kids! Another great activity is to go see a traditional puppet show, sure to have your kids entertained for the night. In Syracuse, there is the Piccolo Teatro dei Pupi where they really stay true to the seventeenth century tradition with kid-friendly entertainment. For a unique activity, you can visit the Infersa salt works in Marsala. You can also take a boat out to the island of Mosiza and see all the hills made of salt and even climb inside a windmill. 

For the educationally adventurous aspect, visiting Mount Etna is a must. Mount Etna is the tallest still active volcano in Europe that offers a truly unique adventure for your kids. You can take the funicular railway to the top and wander around the volcano, maybe even adding in a bit of scientific, interesting-to-know facts! Tip: pack a picnic to enjoy lunch with a panoramic view! 

With regards to accommodation, there are many options. Usual accommodations, like regular hotels, hostels and AirBnB’s, are naturally available. However, if you are looking for a more private, more family-focused holiday, wishsicily.com offers a range of holiday homes and even a great range of villas with private pools in Sicily. Sometimes the option of making breakfast at home and having your private space to spread out the toys and games can make your family feel more at home. Whatever your preference may be, be sure to note that you are traveling with kids! Sicilians are very accommodating and discounts are often provided for family travels and for kids younger than 12.

Going out to a restaurant with kids often turns the restaurant into more of a playground, mostly because restaurants in Sicily are very used to accommodating families! You can call ahead to have appropriate seating and a high chair set up, or simply drop in and the staff will work with you to ensure your party is comfortable. A plus of being in Italy, classic foods like pizza and pasta are always available as an option for your kids in case they do not want to stray too far from foods they are already comfortable with. 

All in all, Sicily is a great spot for family travel. Parents and kids are sure to be happy between all the open space for adventures and fantastic food as well as people! 

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