Why every girl needs a beautiful dressing table

It’s likely your home is already full of the must-have furniture pieces. But aside from having the essential furnishings, have you ever thought about investing in a dressing table? Feminine and functional, there are a whole host of reasons why you need your own vanity dresser.

A stylish statement

Introducing a dressing table into your home is a great way to make a stylish statement. Whether you position your table in your bedroom or you choose to put it in a spare room, these furnishings can help you achieve a certain decor look and feel. For instance, if you’re keen to turn your sleep space into an oh-so chic, French-inspired boudoir, look out for dressing tables with intricate detailing and curved edges. You should be able to find exactly what you want on the internet. For inspiration, you could create a board on Pinterest of your favourite designs or browse French furniture at crownfrenchfurniture.co.uk and other online furniture specialists.

Your own personal beauty haven

If you’re a parent, you’ll understand how easy it is for your kids to take over the whole house. However, even though your little ones might rule the roost, there’s no reason why you can’t have a space in your home that’s just for you. With a dressing table, you can create your own personal beauty haven that’s cute, chic, and most importantly, kid-free. Whether you need to sit down to apply a quick lashing of mascara or you want to run a brush through your hair, a dressing table can act as your own private quarters when you just need a moment to yourself.

An opportunity to get organised

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing glam about desperately rummaging through your makeup bag trying to find your favourite lipstick. If there’s a distinct lack of order and organisation when it comes to your daily beauty routine, it could be time for you to invest in a dressing table. Having a dedicated space to store your lotions and potions is simple and convenient, and it means you can sit down with all of your essentials within easy reach. A table that has inbuilt drawers is ideal, but you could also place decorative baskets, pretty pots and dainty dishes on the surface to hold your beauty bits and bobs. Every woman should have a place where they can pamper themselves to perfection, and investing in a beautiful dressing table for your home could be just what you need.


  1. Yes! I love my dressing table and definitely use it for my 5 minutes of me-time as a new mother! I include my 9 essentials for the perfect vanity http://www.whiitelist.com/2016/07/dressing-table-9-essentials-for-perfect.html?m=1 to make it extra luxe mummy time!

  2. Don't we all love a beautiful dresser? Not everyone has a space for it though and keeping them neat if you have toddlers and pets coming about will be next to impossible.

  3. I desperately want a dressing table! Hopefully when I buy my own home i'll definitely consider it. My make up is all over the place at the moment!

  4. We are moving house in a few weeks and I will finally have room for a dressing table. I'm so excited, probably more than I should be! X