What's on the Kids Halloween Book Shelves

Halloween is nearly upon us! And to be honest I love an excuse to do something a little bit different with the boys whenever there is any kind of occasion, holiday or seasonal event. Whilst they're still little I like to get them a few little presents for things like Halloween and maybe a costume (though I couldn't find one that Ethan really liked this year and we sort of skipped on the whole idea as we're going to be going away for a few days and travelling in the car on Halloween).

As it's the Autumn and Halloween season I've changed over the boys' book shelves and added a couple more books in. I wanted to make it Autumn and Halloween themed just to change up their books and do something a little fun!

I love the Halloween books, mostly because Funnybones and Meg and Mog are so nostalgic to me! They are just part of Halloween (as is Hocus Pocus the film!).

This year I decided to do a video on our Halloween/Autumn book shelves rather than a blog post, as I feel like it's much easier to really see inside of the books for anyone who's looking for inspiration and would be buying online.

If you'd like to come and have a watch and find out what's on our bookshelf this year, then you can find the video below:

What are your children's favourite Halloween/Autumn books? 


  1. We love pumpkins pumpkins everywhere, peppas pumpkin party and ten little monsters.

    1. Thanks for the recommendations Janine. I will have to look at these next year for the boys. xx