Fun Outdoor Adventures When Camping with the Kids

Summer is officially over and although the temperatures have dropped and the nights are quickly drawing in, that’s no excuse to end outside adventures for the rest of the year. While you might think of camping as a summer break, research from MOMA Foods, has found that two thirds of us enjoy camping trips up to four times a year!

Taking your children camping is an opportunity to get outdoors, enjoy some autumnal activities and scenery, and teach them all kinds of new tricks and skills that will last them a lifetime.

Not only do children love being outdoors, but an autumn camping trip will give them the chance to get away from their indoor games and appreciate nature in new surroundings, kicking through the crisp golden leaves in their wellies. Setting up camp near woodland will offer fantastic exploring opportunities and the chance to see wildlife at its very best.

camping with young kids

Kids and Camping - some tips!

  1. Try to get the kids involved with putting up the tent. It can be a great learning experience for them and could actually turn out to be a lot of fun doing it together!

  1. If you’re experienced in building a campfire, why not show them the basics? However, make sure beforehand that you are camping somewhere that allows campfires to stick to the camping code of conduct.

  1. Take some outdoor game accessories along with you, such as a swingball set, a football or even some boules, as well as some board games or cards in case the weather takes a turn for the worst.

  1. Pack some binoculars and a book about woodland wildlife and spend a day looking out for animals and insects - a great learning experience that’s a lot of fun at the same time!

Taking the family back to basics

Of course, one of the appeals of family camping trips is getting right back to basics and living with just the necessities for a few days at a time. It can actually be very relaxing and theraputic to be without the TV or internet for a few days - a true digital blackout!

Campfire Cookery with the Kids

Cooking when camping is also brought back to basics, with many families just taking a simple gas stove, or building a campfire. Campside cookery tends to be a fun activity for most campers and is a great way to introduce children to making meals.

The MOMA survey also discovered that a third of British campers enjoy porridge as their breakfast when camping, because it’s quick and easy to make, and helps to warm them up on those chilly mornings.

Autumn is the perfect season for enjoying a pot of porridge when camping, as it’s healthy and warming. Look to the hedgerows for an abundance of autumnal berries, available to forage and put on top of your oatie bowl.

Take a look at the infographic below to help your families become masters of foraging and to help make the ultimate bowl of porridge for breakfast.

There’s so much to see and do on a camping trip in autumn and not only will the whole family have a fantastic time, but your children might learn something, too!

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