Halloween Crafting - Mum FAIL!

Honestly, I am terrible at crafting. I'm just not arty in the slightest. And I know it. 

But despite this, I still try... (God knows why!).

In my head I think if I pick the most simplest of crafts from the long list I have pinned over on my holiday-themed Pinterest boards, than I *should* be OK. It *should* all sort of go to plan. 

But of course it never does. And I never learn.  

So in typical Alex style I *attempted* to do Halloween fluffy cotton wool ball ghosts and pumpkin apple stamps with my three year old Ethan. 

And whilst I ended up with something that sort of resembled the ghost I was going for, the pumpkins did not get finished and our 'kids craft' sort of became an adults craft when my Husband had to step in! 

But to be fair to me... I did not have the right tools (I'll blame it on that! ;)..). Ethan got bored, then decided to cover my ghost in glue. So we fell out. Then I got bored, hot, stressed and I called it a day! 

But hey, at least I tried! ;)

If you have ten minutes spare and you'd like to entertain my trying, you can see our 'crafting' here. :) 

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  1. Well, he looks like he had fun, so no failure there....
    Marie Renaud