Our Week in the Lake District

I've said before that the last few months haven't been particularly easy in terms of managing everything. Life with two at the ages Ethan and Logan are is busy busy busy, throw in both parents trying to work from home and run the house and themselves plus a loft conversion and total redecoration of all of the bedrooms, it's been rather crazy! 

Our family holiday to the Lake District had been booked for months and Adam and I told each other that we wanted to make the most of our break away and enjoy a nice break away from everything! 

Our holiday home was a lovely little house in Keswick in the heart of the town. The house was a funny layout with our bedroom next to the living room, then a bathroom and another bedroom. The kitchen was on the next level down and then down from that were more bedrooms, another bathroom and a 'snug'. It was confusing at first, but then once I worked all the rooms out, I loved it! It worked so well for us space-wise and the location suited us all perfectly. 

The living room - there was a huge family dining table behind the closest sofa in the photo.

 Our room. :)

Ethan took full advantage of having his Grandpop with him everyday and loved played planes with him as much and as often as he could.

I loved walking around Keswick. I love the little cafes and the shops and the busy market too. But then I also loved seeing the mountains in the distance and the awesome little play park for the kids. Then there's things like the swimming pool with the wave machine, which we loved and also the opportunity to relax and take in the stunning views in the park by the lake. Keswick has so much to offer, it's my Mother-in-laws favourite place to stay in the Lake District and it's becoming ours too. 

An old cinema - walking through Keswick.

When you spot the exact same thing you're carrying! ;) (We went back and bought Ethan this Vulcan picture to hang on his wall in his new plane-themed bedroom. He's obsessed with Vulcan's and we thought it was such a lovely souvenir from our holiday.)

Having a BBQ on our second night. We had the most amazing weather during our week in the Lake District, we got really really lucky! I nearly didn't have enough summer-wear with me as I had expected rain.

Walking through Whinlatter forest - I absolutely love it here and I love the little forest cafe at the start of the walk trails too!

As a Mum you can never have too many pictures of you with your children! :)

All nine of us. 

My new favourite photo -  I absolutely love all of our smiles and how happy we look and the fact that Ethan has his arm around Logan of course! <3

How pretty is this little home above this stream?!

My crazy boy in the bath. I can't tell you how much Logan is loving baths lately - he goes absolutely crazy in them!

At Buttermere Lake, another favourite place of ours. Having a romantic photo with my Hubby, who as cheesy as it sounds, I love so much. <3

 The boys with their grandparents at Buttermere Lake.

 I love this photo of Logan with his Daddy.

 Dipping little toes in the lake.

Ethan loved throwing rocks in to the lake. He did this for ages and at one point even tried to lift a boulder up to throw!

 This is the lake in Keswick, it really is such a beautiful place with the most stunning views.

 Logan trying his hand at a bit of rowing.

 Whilst everyone went off to climb a mountain, Adam's Mum and I took the boys on a train ride, when we got to the other end we sat and ate ice cream before riding the train back.

On our last day Adam and I took the boys back the lake at Keswick after a grabbing a cream tea each at a little cafe for lunch. We took some drinks and snacks with us and our picnic blanket, as well as some toys for the boys to play with and we just laid on our blanket and relaxed under the sun overlooking the lake. It was such an amazing end to our holiday, I felt so relaxed! I'm so pleased we just took our last day really easy. 

We travelled back on Thursday evening/night rather than during the day on Friday as travelling with littles as little as ours is no fun - our journey took so long on the way up and the boys got so bored. Travelling back at night was 100% times easier, we'd definitely travel at night again. 

We had such a lovely holiday and we felt like did so much. I'm not quite as adventurous as Adam so there was no quad biking for me or climbing mountains. But we had some lovely meals out, some lovely walks and just a generally chilled out, relaxed time. We even had a couple of evenings of being child-free, as Adam's Mum offered to watch the boys whilst they were in bed in the evening for us. One of these evenings we went to see the Warcraft movie, we both used to play World of Warcraft together before we became parents but stopped as it takes up so much time. It was great watching the movie, it brought back so much nostalgia.  

I think the Lake District will always be somewhere we return to. For us it's just such a calming place to be, a place where life feels like it's just that little bit more slower. 

Here's a little video I put together remembering some of our best moments from our week:

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  1. What a lovely place to visit, looks really relaxing. Gorgeous photos X

    1. Thanks Laura. We love the Lake District, it's one of our favourite places to visit. It's such a stunning place. xx

  2. Your photos are really beautiful and I can see that you have a very beautiful and happy family. Looks like your visit to Lake District was filled with good weather, great atmosphere, happiness and love. It’s amazing how photos can represent emotions. And I want to say that you are a very beautiful young mother who have good husband and two amazing kids. I hope that your kids enjoyed beautiful nature and peaceful lake. Was the water cold at that time? I wonder how your kids endured this holiday. You wrote that night was better I guess it’s maybe because kids were tired and sleepy since it was night. Anyways, I hope that you will take your beautiful amazing kids to more places. Best wishes to your family!

    1. What a lovely comment to receive - thank you so much! As the weather was so nice, the water didn't feel too cold. We got very very luck to have such good weather in the Lake District though, it usually rains, hehe! xx

  3. Ahhh beautiful photos!! It must be lovely going away with such a lot of family so you get some time to yourselves! xx

    1. Thanks Hayley. It is nice to go away all together, it's lovely to get to create lots of memories together. xx

  4. OMG I love these images. It seems like such a nice place to go. We went to Cornwall and although pretty it is not as breathtaking as the Lake District. I love the picture of the nine of you - so well shot. We went to Cornwall this year but wish we had gone to the LD. Next holiday in LD for sure :) Have a great day and I look forward to seeing more great holiday snaps from your blog in the future!