Fathers Day: 5 Gift Ideas

Father's Day will be here before you know it and there's a good chance you might not have even thought about what to get. Thankfully, I have some recommendations for gifts and things to do that will help you make this the best day yet for the dad in your life.

- Outdoor Grilling Equipment

Men seem to like fire. I feel like everyone's known that since caveman days. And if there's one thing men love to do with fire, it's cook with it. Father's Day is celebrated in the middle of June, so when it's not raining it's a perfect time for a barbecue. When that time comes, make sure that dad is prepared with a fun apron or an assortment of spatulas, tongs and skewers. It's hard not to love these silicon BBQ gloves recommended by Refinery29. Super durable and dishwasher safe, they'll help keep dad from burning his hands next time he gets the grill going.

- Summer Clothes

One of the best gifts to get for either a mum or a dad is something they wouldn't typically get for themselves that they really need or will get a lot of use from. One of the best things you'll find in this category is some summer clothes. There's a good chance that buying new clothes is properly one of your dad's least favourite things to do, so buying something for him saves him time, money, and a trip to the shops. There was some wonderful inspiration to be found for summer dad clothes at KingSize Direct and their collection of nice looking button-down sport shirts, summer polos, shorts and even swimming trunks. This way you can make sure that dad will be cool and comfortable when it comes time for the family beach trip.

- House Slippers

There's a good chance that his favourite slippers are well past the point of no return. Why not get him something to help him stay comfy while he puts his feet up? Cosmo recommends lots of nice slippers that look so comfortable that you might want to get yourself a pair too!

- A Good Book

In this age of screens, social media, and connecting with others, sometimes it's nice to unplug for a little bit. Whether it's sports, history, or even a little fiction, there's nothing quite like curling up in your favourite chair with a good book and a nice drink. The how-to book recommended by Coastal Living is full of practical information that's sure to be helpful for every father. If your dad is the reading type, consider investing in a nice hardcover and maybe even a book light. Those things might sound positively primitive in 2016, but sometimes the simple things are the best things.

- Something Homemade

Maybe funds are a bit tight but you still want to do something special for the father in your life. Well, try making him something yourself! Dads aren't picky about presents and the gift that means the most is the one you put the most thought into. It's easy to make a homemade card and even something as simple as a picture frame for family photos is sure to be appreciated.

What gift ideas have you come up with for this Fathers Day?

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  1. I haven't forgotten Fathers Day because this year it falls on my birthday! I've cancelled it, ha ha!! Lovely ideas, I always go down the clothes route for Andy, just in time to wear for the summer x

  2. Amazing ideas Alex!! Slippers were already on my mind..but I will stick with something homemade..I have a very old candid picture of my dad and me..I'll be framing it and writing a card..

  3. Hi Alex, thanks for the ideas and links! Always struggle with what to get for Fathers Day for both my Dad and hubby!