Fathers Day Sorted With Matalan

Fathers Day is one of those times of the year where we get to celebrate the Daddies in our lives, be that the Father of our children or our own Dads. For me it's all about celebrating Adam who's Daddy to our little boys and my step-dad who's been in my life since I was 9 years old (I didn't know my real Father throughout much of my life) and of course Adam's Dad - my Father-in-law. 

This year Fathers Day is on the 19th June, which is also the same day as Adam's Mums birthday so they'll be a lot of gift buying and celebrating going on for us around that time! With Adam and gifts, it's usually about Lego - there's always a new set he has his eye on. But we also like to pick him up a few extra little gifts. Things that he can open and be surprised at!

Matalan recently dropped me an email asking if I would be interested in collaborating for a Fathers Day blog post - the challenge was to make up what I thought was the best Fun Dad themed Fathers Day gift hamper in one of their stores for under £25. I like a good challenge and I wanted to see what sort of things they had on offer and so I accepted. 

My closest Matalan store is in Bletchley, Milton Keynes and so armed with my vouchers and after being ever so slightly distracted by the home and garden section, I made my way to the mens department. I wanted to make sure that I got a few nice little things rather than a couple of big things and I think I achieved that. Take a look below to see what I bought.. 

The first thing I found were these Star Wars printed boxers for £6. Adam is obsessed with Star Wars at the moment, so these were a great find! I think he'll be rather pleased with them.

I found this 'Dad You're Awesome' mug and 'Dads To Do List' glass and thought they'd be a great addition to my Fathers Day hamper. They were just £2 each - which I thought was amazing value!

Every hamper needs a card and I found this one which I liked for just over £2.

Adam had previously mentioned wanting a few plain v-neck t shirts and it just so happened that I stumbled across some just like he was after in Matalan. I picked him up this grey one for just £4!

To wrap up the gifts I found this modern wrapping paper perfect for Fathers Day. These rolls were about £1.50 or so each and the paper is incredibly nice and feels much more expensive than it is.

I needed something to put my gifts in to to complete my hamper and I really liked this little copper wire basket. I love how modern it is and I also like that we can use it after Fathers Day has come and gone. I thought it would make a nice addition to our desk in our new office. And so it will actually end up being part of the present. This was about £6. 

And so that's our hamper, all ready and wrapped (see top picture) for Fathers Day to go with Adam's main gift. A big thank you to Matalan for the challenge, as it was really fun! If you'd like to you can view the full range of Fathers Day gift ideas at Matalan here!

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