5 Steps to Healthier Hair

Want healthier, shinier, stronger hair? Read on to hear the five steps to healthier hair! 

1. Wash it correctly. Try not to wash your hair every day if you can, try and aim for every other day or a couple of times a week. Washing it too often will strip it off its natural oils. Shampoo should be massaged into your scalp whereas conditioner should be rubbed into the tips of your hair up towards your roots. For shinier, softer hair leave your conditioner on for a few minutes before rinsing it off.

2. Protect your hair from heat. If you blow dry your hair, try using the cool setting as heat can damage your hair. Heat from straighteners and curling irons can also damage your hair leaving it feeling straw-like Applying a hydrating cream beforehand will create a barrier between the heat and your hair. 

3. Get a regular trim. Going too long between cuts can cause your hair to split, so make sure you book yourself in for regular trims. If you make them regular you won't need to have as much off all at once. Waiting too long could mean that you'll need a lot more off as the ends may have split a lot further. 

4. Treat your hair occasionally. Giving your hair a little treat every now and again will really help you achieve healthier hair. You could use a leave-in conditioner once a week and/or purchase hair masks to help get your hair back to a healthy state.  

5. Eat well. Eating a well-balanced diet has a proven effect on making our hair healthier and stronger. Foods such as spinach, lentils, sweet potatoes, eggs, walnuts and carrots are all said to be fantastic for improving the quality of our hair because of the nutrients and vitamins they contain

And lastly, if it's something that affects you, don't be afraid of looking into hair loss treatments. Treatments for hair loss are not just for Men, hair loss affects women too. Harley Street Hair clinic offer help and advice with this and they also have a section with further advice and information for women on their website. 

What sorts of things do you do to keep your hair healthy? Do you have any hair care routines? 

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  1. I have dry hair and so use a hydrating shampoo. When I've put the shampoo on I use small circular movements and add a good hydrating conditioner and apply it from my hair roots to the ends. To ensure uniform distribution of the conditioner I use my hands and a wide-toothed comb. I don't let the conditioner lay on my skin, as I've heard it can cause acne. I brush my Hair daily to ensure my hair is tangle free and there is an evenly distribution of natural oils on my hair. I never brush my wet hair, as it can break it. When I am untangling my hair I start from the ends of the hair and work my way up towards the scalp. I always end my day with brushing my hair before I sleep at night to untangle the knots that may have been got made up during the day. I make a simple ponytail or plait before I sleep at night to ensure that any strands do not get tangled or break, while I am sleeping. I have my hair regularly trimmed to avoid damaged hair and split ends (I hate split ends!!). I never overheat my hair or go for perming, coloring too often. I have natural light blonde hair so only have highlights in the summer.

    Sorry it's so long, Alex.