Disney World: What's in my Toddlers Hand Luggage?

So it's here! Tomorrow morning we leave for the airport, before getting on our plane to travel 9 hours over to Orlando, Florida to spend a week at Walt Disney World! I can't believe that this time tomorrow we'll be up in the air! I won't pretend that doesn't scare me as I'm not a big flyer and I've not been on many holiday before, so I am having some pre-flight anxiety! But I'm also ridiculously excited, I mean, we're going to DISNEY WORLD! 

We're in the middle of packing and I've got stuff everywhere, but I decided to film a little video for my YouTube channel just before I go (as you do!). I've shared a little look at what's inside of Ethans hand luggage (or carry on luggage). We've packed things in his trunki that are going to hopefully keep him nice and entertained during our long flight. We've never done such a long flight before, let alone with a 7 month old and a nearly 3 year old, so fingers crossed it will all go smoothly! 

If you'd like to see what we're taking with us entertainment wise for Ethan, than watch below. :) All other baby/toddler essentials are being packed in our rucksacks.

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  1. My older children love their Trunki's. I hope you have fun at Disney World!

  2. Ahh must get Abbie a Trunki this year, do they hold a lot? You look far too calm to be travelling that far away with 2 kids under 3 haha...hope it all goes smoothly :D x

  3. How exciting Alex! Hope you all have such an amazing time - which I am sure you will! Great post and video. My first time ever to go on a plane was last year, to Thailand and my girls came with us and I packed a trunki and a small suitcase full of goodies and things for them too do and shockingly they hardly ever opened them! Good luck and have a lovely time x

  4. I hope you enjoy! We are going in May...Can't wait! xx

  5. You have great LUGGAGE. I hope you have fun at Disney World!