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Our back garden is a bit of a mess right now! The small brick wall dividing the cracked pavement and the (somewhat overgrown) grass that was there when we moved in, has fallen over and isn't particularly safe or a pretty sight. The garden is a little overgrown from Winter and well, it really just needs a good sort out.  

We're not being lazy with it, we desperately want to sort it out, especially because we have big glass windows and doors that look out on to it from our living room. But we're having to be patient. Our loft conversion that is planned in for March/April time this year, isn't cheap and so all of our spare pennies and pounds are being put away for that. It takes a much higher priority being that we need a room for our youngest little man as the third bedroom in our house is currently our office and also Adam's stock room. But we're hoping to be able to do our garden maybe this year, depending on what's left in the money pot post conversion! 

It's exciting to think about house and garden plans, especially with spring on it's way, closely followed by summer. I love nothing more in the summer than being outside, sitting in the sun in the garden or somewhere else, just relaxing and soaking in the sun rays. I love sitting there with a drink in my hand watching Ethan play and I'm too excited to see both of my boys out there with me this year! 

Plans for the garden include.. perhaps a corner of decking. Our garden is not big, but if we strip some of the trees and plants back I think we'd be able to have a corner of decking out there. Somewhere we could add some of that nice, modern rattan garden furniture to with a nice white parasol over. I like sleepers, so I'd like to border our plants around the edging of our garden with those and maybe add some slate or some white pebbles in there too, to give a contemporary effect. For the boys, I'd love to get them a big swimming pool, one where if it gets really hot, Mama can get in there too! ;) The new Little Tikes Eco Friendly playhouse looks amazing for kids and so I'd love for the boys to have it to play in! I love the smell of lavender and so I'd also love to get some lavender plants in the summer for our garden! Although I worry that they do seem to attract bees quite a bit?! 

Writing this gets me so excited for our plans and of course for the summer! With Disney World in just 3 days time and all of our house plans, this year is set to be one very exciting year! 


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