Why It’s Important To Stay Active During Your Pregnancy

Today I am sharing a guest post all about why it's important to stay active during pregnancy.

Lying on the sofa with aches, pains and swollen ankles is no longer the image that comes to mind when we picture a mum-to-be. More and more pregnant women are now turning to fitness as a way to counteract the less glamorous side effects of having a baby. 

Thankfully, long gone are the days where the most common school of thought was to rest, rest and get more rest whilst pregnant. There is now heaps of research, which displays the amazing results of embracing an active lifestyle. This makes sense and fits perfectly with your life at a point where you have given up other vices such as alcohol, soft cheeses, smoking and too much partying. Why not also embrace fitness? The amazing effects include, but are not limited to the below!

Fight Aches and Pains
You may experience lower back pain, swollen feet, hands and ankles and other bodily changes that you weren’t quite expecting. Simple exercises, which strengthen your core and pelvic muscles, will help to fight back pain. These exercises won’t be over-strenuous and are such an effective way to help you to adjust and feel comfortable in your new body. 

Prepare For Life As A Mum
It is difficult to prepare for life as a mum and unfortunately there is no help guide that has all the answers. One thing we can say with certainty is that being a mum is busy work! Exercising before your pregnancy will help you to feel limber and energised and fight any lethargy you may be feeling. Keeping fit is crucial not only for your wellbeing but for your baby’s wellbeing, and it will make sure you have sufficient energy when the baby arrives.

Fight Baby Blues
Your mental wellbeing is equally as important as your physical state. Exercising is a great way to lift your mood and dedicate some time to yourself, during your pregnancy. Both before and after childbirth, exercising is a fantastic way to treat any anxiety or mild postnatal depression. 

There has been a recent boom in pre-natal personal trainers and specialist pre-natal classes. Training with someone is a great way to stay social and another great reliever of baby blues. You can use this training as an education for baby number 2, number 3 and beyond. It is important to keep both your mind and body active during your pregnancy. 

Have An Easier Delivery

Staying fit during your pregnancy will help prepare you for an easier delivery as it will help you to build up your stamina and develop a strong core. This should be music to your ears, as all expectant mothers can do with a head-start when in the delivery room! 


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