Choosing a Car to Suit Your Family

I'm not that great with cars myself. I like a nice car, yes, but that's probably as far as my interest goes. My Husband, however seems to be really getting into his cars, he was desperate to get a new car last year, one that was a little more luxurious. And he wore me down. And I gave in. But actually, I like the car a lot now - it's quite pretty for a car actually. 

Today I am collaborating with parkwaycontracts.co.uk and I am sharing a few ideas of what I think helps to make a car the ideal family car.

1. Five doors instead of three. 

Adam and I both used to own three door cars before we had Ethan. When he came along we realised how totally unpractical they are and after a while they were sold and we opted for five door cars instead. 

2. Wide opening doors or sliding doors

The doors should open wide enough for you to install a car seat and be able to get the little ones in and out easily enough. It's no easy task getting younger kids in and out of cars - take it from me and my poor back! 

3. Large boot space

Large boot space is essential not only for the pram, but also for luggage. Families like to take trips, little holidays and you want to make sure that you can fit everything in easily. 

4. Isofix mounting points

These are for the younger children's car seats and will make the process of using a car seat a lot easier and a lot safer. 

5. Space inside the car

Make sure that when you pull the front seats forward to leave enough room for your children in the back or other passengers, that it doesn't feel too too tight in the front for you. There should be plenty of room for everyone to be nice and comfortable. 

Do you have a nice family car that you'd recommend, if so what do you have? 


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  1. Any car now comes with isofix insert. Thank god. It's so much handier. We use it a lot for the baby seat but chloe really needs the next stage car seat now which wouldn't have isofix Base.
    All the points mentioned above have filled in the car I have. Hubby has his own car which fills in all the above too. I could never work with a 3 door car kids or not. It's just not a car for me if you know what I mean. I used to have an audi q3 but sold it because I didn't find the boot space great. I now have VW passat and love it. Hubby has skoda octavia.