Our Christmas Home Decor 2015

We are just two days away from the big day now! Two! I'm waking up everyday feeling more and more excited as the 25th draws closer and closer. I'm honestly just ridiculously excited about seeing Ethans face. I'm also excited for the fact that it's Logans very first Christmas. I'm excited to be a parent at Christmas more than anything and I'm looking forward to enjoying every second on the magic. 

Our living room has been near enough decorated ever since the 1st of December. We intended to have all of the decorations up on the one day, but with two young children, that was actually much harder than we'd anticipated. So the decorating was done over a few days, but we got there in the end and we're now very ready for Santas arrival. 

I love our snow effect artificial Christmas tree. We picked it up in Tesco a few years ago, after wanting a change from our original black tree. 

We brought the garland to go around the mantelpiece last year from Marks and Spencer (I think!). 

Because we now have the television in the centre of the room, we've been able to have our tree next to the window this year. I much prefer it there, as last year it was tucked between the armchair and the Lego cabinet on the other side. 

Some of our christmas cards are sitting on this little table along with the boys card to their Daddy and some Mistle'toes' art that we did with Ethan for a video over on Channel Mum. 

My gorgeous cards that I received from the boys and Adam this year. 

We've hung some of our other Christmas cards above the mirror (due to a lack of space to display them else where) and the others are above the huge picture that hangs above our sofa. 

I really wanted Logan to have his own personalised decoration to hang on the tree for his first ever Christmas, so I ordered this from My 1st Years and I really like it. I hope he'll display it on his own Christmas tree one day when he's older and has his own place. 

I picked up these two little personalised decorations (above and below) for the boys from a local garden centre. 

This lovely little personalised decoration was made for Ethan a few years ago by my good fellow-blogger friend Hayley from Sparkles and Stretchmarks.

I really do love having a living room full of Christmas decorations. OK it's a little more cramped, but I just love watching the twinkling of the Christmas tree lights and being able to fill the room with more fairy lights than I'd usually have out. The living room feels so cosy during the dark winter afternoons and evenings and it just feels like the perfect time to snuggle as a family on the sofa, under a blanket watching Christmas movies. 

Talking of sofas.. Furniture retailer Furniture Village are feeling festive and are currently giving away a sofa up to the value of £1500 to one lucky winner who sends them a photo of their Christmas tree in all its sparkling glory via twitter. To enter, all you need to do is upload your Christmas tree photo to twitter and mention @OfficialFV and use the hashtag #FVChristmas - it's so easy, especially since most people tend to already have a photo of their sparkling Christmas tree by this time of year. I'm just about to tweet out mine! To find out more visit Furniture Village's Christmas Countdown page and take a look at their sofas to pick your favourite, because you just might win!



  1. Your living room looks beautiful. Very festive. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Ahh it looks gorgeous Alex! I love that you still have Ethans stocking, I wish I'd had chance to make one for Logan! I promise I will do one for him!! xx

  3. Looks lovely hope you've had a lovely Christmas :-)