5 Ways To Stop Snoring

Snoring is a common condition that many people experience. It can affect your quality of sleep and making you feel fatigued and irritable during the daytime, and it can also disturb your partner too. If you find that this problem is harming your health and wellbeing , take note of these five simple suggestions that could help you to stop snoring.

1. Adjust your sleeping position
Sleeping on your back can cause your tongue, chin and any fat around your neck to squash your airways. If you’re prone to resting this way, you may want to try adopting a different sleeping stance. For example, lying on your side can prevent this from happening. If you need assistance with this, you could replace your bed with one that is adjustable. An adjustable bed allows you to alter your sleeping position . As sleep health experts Adjustamatic point out, this can help ease pressure on your throat and prevent your tongue from falling back, especially if your head is elevated slightly. 

2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle
Even if you’re just a few kilos heavier than you should be, being overweight can trigger snoring. Carrying excess weight around your neck or throat causes fatty tissue to squeeze your airways, making it harder for air to flow in and out. By exercising regularly and sticking to a healthy diet you should be able to shed the extra pounds and put a stop to your snoring.

3. Quit smoking
Quitting smoking, or at least cutting back, could help you stop snoring. Cigarette smoke can irritate the lining of your nasal cavity and throat. This can cause swelling and catarrh, leading to congested nasal passages and making it difficult for you to breathe through your nose. So, while smoking is bad for your overall health, it could also be causing your snoring habit.

4. Avoid alcohol
While you may like to indulge in a nightcap before you head to bed, this could be to blame for your nocturnal noises. Alcohol causes your muscles to relax more than they would normally during a regular night’s sleep. This increased relaxation can cause the back of your throat to collapse more easily, which then leads to snoring. To put a stop to your nighttime snuffles, you might want to think about avoiding alcohol close to bedtime.

5. Try an anti-snoring device
If making changes to your lifestyle doesn’t help, you could try using an anti-snoring device or treatment. There are wide variety of products available, such as nasal strips and spray, throat rinse and nasal rings. You could speak to your GP or pharmacist for help choosing the product that is best for you.

Taking some of these tips into consideration could help you stop your snoring and allow you to finally enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.



  1. Snoring is a big problem in our house. This is the reason why I sleep in the spare bedroom. Hubby is now using snoreeze which can be adjusted but it doesn't seem to quite work either. He is not exactly overweight but it wasn't that bad a few years ago so maybe a few pounds less is the way to go.

  2. Snoring is a problem in our house too. We found not eating or drinking after 6.00 pm helps for some unexplained reason.


  3. Agree! Although if these steps aren't helping, you should probably see a doctor. Sometimes there are physical (i.e. obstructions, apnea) issues. Mel at stopsnoringrx

  4. If you are having a problem of snoring, change your sleep position to get reduce of it. Sleeping flat on your back will cause the flesh of your throat to relax and block the airway.