Beautifully Designed, Fun, Educational Play Mats from Gamemat.eu Kids

Gamemat.eu for Kids is owned by a small family operating in Prague. it is a side project and business of their main business - www.gamemat.eu where they sell play mats for tabletop/battle games. With their new business venture, their mission is to bring kids around the world something special as well as something new through their play mats. The family's own children love using the mats throughout the year and have tested them thoroughly for uses such as lying, playing, rolling, eating, cleaning and storing. 

Their playmats are delivered conveniently rolled up in a long black bag which can easily be carried. 

There are two designs to choose between, both are priced at EUR 39.9 (including VAT 21%), with  shipping to Europe 15 euros.Which is about £29.30 and £11 pound shipping. Delivery to the UK takes around one week. These mats are designed for children aged 0-3 years old, but I think they could be used by older children too. They are 4 x 4 feet (122x122 cm) and are made of natural rubber and fabrics.

The rubber bottom is anti-slip and the top of the mat is smooth and comfortable for baby/child to play/lay on. The mats can be rolled back up and stored in the bag very easily, which is handy. They can be cleaned easily with water and soap and are very easy to hoover. The mats has been tested by state certified institute. All the colours and material are non toxic and comply with European Unions laws for children under 3 years of age.

I like that the rubber bottom means that the mats are soft cushioned and that they offer protection against cold floors. I also think they'd be suitable to use both inside and outside.

We've had reflux and sick from Logan on ours and you wouldn't know. We've also had a drink spilt and again, you wouldn't know. Our favourite is the ABC mat, I think it's gorgeous. We actually have decided to leave ours out on top of our rug in the living room, the boys love having their own little place to sit and play. Ethan's always asking to eat lunch 'on the mat'. And it's currently semi-hidden under all of his duplo, which before he couldn't build on the rug as it wasn't a flat surface. 

I think these mats are gorgeous and would perfectly suit a nursery or childs room, or of course, a play room! They really brighten up the room and give babies and children their very own little play space. 

You can find out more about Gamemat.eu For Kids at playmatforkids.eu or find them on Facebook here

*Item sent for review, but all opinions are entirely our own. 


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  1. This looks really fab. How adorable is Logan though?! Seriously, is that much cuteness even allowed?! I just want to squish him! xx