Ted and Tess Carousel Ambi Toys | Review

Being a Mum of two, I've learned that when it comes to baby toys, it's all about the bright colours. Although, lights and noises do help! But it's the bright colours that really attract a baby's attention and that's why we love Ambi Toys by Galt so much!

Today we are reviewing the Ted and Tess carousel priced at £14.99. It's something that's recommended for ages 9 months+, so technically a little young for our Logan. However, that hasn't stopped him loving it! He may not be able to press the top to spin the carousel but his big brother can! And little Logan loves watching the characters spin and Ethan loves showing Logan how it's done! Great for showing cause and effect this little toy has been a hit in our house, keeping Logan captivated and Ethan entertained as together they watch it spin! A perfect christmas present I think! 

Visit Galt Toys and find this and more from the Ambi Toy range here.


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  1. That carousel looks like the sort of thing I had as a child. So retro and bright - love it! x