How to Make Your Home Extra Special this Christmas

Christmas is such an amazing and exciting time of year, especially when you have children. Transforming your home into a glittering winter wonderland is essential to really get everyone in the festive spirit. From flickering fairy lights to festive candles and trimming up the tree there are so many ways to make your home super special this winter.

It doesn’t take long to convert your home into a festive fortress. Choosing a colour scheme first is often the best thing to do. Once you’ve selected whether to go traditional with reds and golds or maybe opt for something ultra-modern with black and white, then you can buy all your beautiful baubles and decorations. Try stringing up some glittery hanging snowballs and make sure there’s tons of fairy lights for a warm white glow that’s sure to get you in the Christmas spirit. 
Picking the tree is obviously the most important thing and makes for a great family day out. Consider where abouts in the room you’d like it to go and which part of the house. Once you’ve found the perfect place then all you have to do is fight over which tree. Going for a healthy filled out tree is the obvious choice and whether you go for a tall one or a smaller chunkier one is up to you. If you decide to go for an artificial tree instead make sure the kids are involved in putting it up and choosing where the baubles go. Remember to leave enough room to be able to put the star on top too. 
All the extra bits are what really make it special for the kids so make sure they can be involved at all stages. Make paper chains and snowflakes together that you can hang on the bannisters. Bake some Christmas themed shortbread biscuits then spend an afternoon decorating them with icing and sprinkles. You could even make them with little holes in the top so you can hang them from the tree.

If you’re extra creative you could even collect branches and leaves from the garden and make your own wreath for the front door. Have festive themed hot chocolates and put a Christmas DVD on the TV and your home will feel instantly like a winter wonderland. Both you and the children are sure to be in the festive spirit in no time. 


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