The Start of Something New..

If you follow my YouTube channel then you might have seen that I posted this video on Friday. I'd been considering starting up more regular vlogs for a while now as I want to share more of a behind the scenes, every day, un-polished look into our daily lives - a fly on the wall sort of thing! 

I think I'll likely commit to doing these two to three times a week. It's easy enough filming on the go, but not quite so easy editing in the evenings. Most bloggers use the evenings to blog, but quite honestly I am totally and utterly useless to the world come 7pm every night and will usually fall straight into bed just after the kids go down for the night.

I'm still with Channel Mum over on their channel, so please do come and find me on there also and I will still be continuing to post #MyMonthlyMontage every month as I really love making these for myself and my family.

If you want to catch my new 'everyday life' vlogs then you can find the first two videos below and please also do come and subscribe to me on YouTube. Thank you :) x



  1. Oh, the life! Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your day - it looks strangely familiar ;)

  2. Your videos are so cute!
    I wish I had the confidence to film videos lol :)

  3. oh it's so great to see you vlogging. I'd love to see more videos. I'm a mom of a boy since July as well and it's so nice to follow your daily routine :)

    May I ask you whether you already got back to your prepregnancy weight? If not, how do you manage to eat healthy and low calorie with even two kids? It's hard to manage for me with only one :)