How to Baby-proof a Rented Property

If you’ve got a child who’s just starting to explore the world, crawling around on their hands and knees, then it’s time to ensure your home is properly baby-proofed. There are a number of accidents just waiting to happen in every area of your house or flat, so making adaptions is a necessity. When you’re renting living quarters it can be harder to baby-proof it as making changes will usually require landlord or letting agency permission. There are still many ways you can increase your home’s safety for youngsters without needing permission.  


Every kitchen is packed full of hazards, especially for inquisitive young minds. Re-arrange the layout of your kitchen so dangerous objects are out of children’s reaches. Obvious things like bleach, cleaning products and knives should be kept high up or securely locked away. While less clearly dangerous things such as plastic bags and rubbish bins should also be out of reach. Pad low down sharp corners on chairs and other items of furniture in the kitchen with sponges or other materials. Use the rear rings of the hob and turn handles to the wall when leaving unattended but be sure to clean up as thoroughly as possible to prevent potential problems.   


The bathroom is another of the most dangerous rooms in every home for children who are just learning to clamber on things. Never leave a baby in the bath unattended. Lock all medicines, toiletries, razor blades and more in a high up cabinet. Always put the toilet seat and lid down to prevent young children climbing in. Secure all bath mats to the floor with a rubber underlay to stop the chance of nasty falls. Installing a baby gate in the doorway is another option if you find it hard to keep an eye on your little one all the time. Read more baby-proofing tips here.   

Living Room

Fireplaces and radiators need guards in front of them to prevent burning. All empty electrical sockets should have socket covers on in every room, with electrical cords hidden away where possible. Unplug all appliances when not in use and store out of reach. Curtains and window blinds present a strangling hazard so using cordless window coverings or cutting off pull cords is a good idea. Finally, ensuring you have working smoke alarms, window locks and keeping every single dangerous item well away from curious kids reach is a must. 


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