Creating your own Baby Memory Box

When a new baby arrives there is so much excitement surrounding the birth and getting to grips with a dramatic change to life, that without realising months can go by and all of a sudden your bouncing baby is already giggling at your facial expressions and attempting to follow their sibling’s footsteps. 

But to help cherish these memories and those that come, a memory box can be the ideal way to store precious memorabilia such as their first tooth, their first hair cut and even those teeny tiny booties that they came home from the hospital in. 

As a memory box will be something that’s very personal to you, these ideas can help you to create your own that will encompass this time, ready for you to share with them when their all grown up. 

Get a little Crafty 

Rather than splashing the money on a fancy box from a store, decorate a simple cardboard box with newspaper clippings from the date of their birth, or even pictures and cards that were received. There are many decoupage tutorials that are simple and easy to do, and it will give you a great excuse to get crafty while the baby is napping.  

This will not only make it completely unique to your baby, but will help you to remember the events that took place around the birth so that you can tell the story to their future children. 

Get Snap Happy 

As the old saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words, and throughout your baby’s childhood there will be many moments that you wish you’d captured. We’re all guilty of taking lots of pictures on our phones but never printing them off, so make a note in your diary to get a few printed out each month that you can store in the memory box. If you’re worried that they may get damaged or lost, you could pop them on a USB stick and add into a more sturdy wooden box like this, that will keep them safe and secure ready for when you can share them with the family. 

Gather, Collect, Contribute 

There are no rules as to what can be added to a memory box, so anything, even the tiniest little gift that those chubby cheeked cherubs hand you should be added. Whilst as parents we will no doubt cram it full of those cute moments, also encourage friends and family to contribute to the memory box. Pictures that they’ve painted or photographs they’ve taken. 
Family and friends will make up a massive part of their lives as they grow up, and it can help to create moments that you perhaps missed. 

Many people may feel that a memory box is something created just for new born babies, but it’s nice to keep it as an ongoing trinket that you can add to throughout their lives. 
Besides, who knows what you’ll discover in years to come when you sit down and reminisce. 


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