Windows, Doors, Conservatories and a Never Ending List!

When we first moved into what has now been the place that we've called 'home' for a year and half now, the front door was what can only be described as an ugly state. It was an awful wood colour - a colour I don't think I'd ever even seen before and it really really needed a little tlc. Adam and I are most definitely not the do-it-yourself sort of people and the money we had spare after moving costs was prioritised to be used elsewhere around the house. But we just couldn't leave the front door the way it was, so we took ourselves off to B&Q, picked up some gloss paint, a roller, some paintbrushes and some rags and we painted over the unsightly wood.

It's definitely not perfect, but it's better. For now at least. 

A new front door is definitely on 'the list' and it will get done, Adam's mentioned it a few times and I know it's a bugbear of his. But as I've mentioned countless times before - the loft conversion needs to and will have to come first, as we have a little boy in need of a bedroom. 

Interestingly enough, I recently realised that Win-Dor, the home improvement and double glazing company for Northampton, Milton Keynes, Bicester and Oxford, who manufacture windows, doors and conservatories, actually have a double glazing showroom in Milton Keynes, that also showcases their doors, which actually are just the sort of doors that Adam and I really like - modern composite doors. Before now, I wasn't even aware that double glazing showrooms even existed and I'm excited to have found somewhere so close to home that we'll be able to go and have a wander around when choosing our brand new door.  I much prefer the idea of being able to go to a showroom rather than just choosing and ordering straight from a brochure, it means we can actually go and try stuff out and see it in the flesh (and maybe even consider the option of getting a small conservatory.. though I think I might be jumping way ahead with that one right now!).

Also on our 'list' (it's a lonnng old list!) is new double glazing windows for our kitchen (the entire kitchen is on the list). We are barely able to see out of either of our kitchen windows (no, not because they're dirty and need a clean), somehow there is moisture build-up in between the double glazing and so our windows look like they're constantly covered in condensation. Which is pretty frustrating because where condensation can effectively be rubbed off, this moisture never leaves and to be able to see out of our windows at all, we actually have to physically move ourselves to the tiny sections of window that aren't effected. And so we also have brand new double glazing windows for the kitchen on 'the list'. 

Boy do we have a long list of different types of home improvements that we'd like. At least after the conversion is finished, we can push new windows and a new door up the list a little as the company I mentioned above, Win-Dor, offer finance which will help us to spread the load. I know that'll it all be one step at a time though and I guess it's actually quite nice to have something to work towards and to look forward to.  



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