6 Fun Yet Simple Halloween Ideas To Do With The Kids

Whoo! Halloween is soon to be upon us, but you know what?.. It's the whole build up to it that I personally like the most. I love that the lead up to Halloween brings with it an opportunity to do so many spooky-related fun things with your toddler (or child if your kids are older). And I've been rather excitedly been spending what is probably one too many hours on the Internet racking up lots and lots of Halloween inspiration from things to what we could decorate our house with, to fun things I can do with Ethan to celebrate this spooky time of year. And whilst having a search I was delighted to find and come up with some ridiculously easy sorts of fun things that Ethan and I could do to get us in to the spirit of Halloween. 

1. Spooky Vases

As strange as it may sound, last year Adam, Ethan and I headed off on a little Autumnal walk and quite literally brought back home with us dead plants! Which we then put in a black vase and placed on top of our Halloween inspired mantelpiece, it sounds silly but I thought that our spooky vase looked really effective!

2. Halloween-inspired frames for the house

These are so easy to do - this was ours last year (below). I made our Trick or Treat halloween-inspired frame using the free website PicMonkey, where this time of year they add a little section for Halloween illustrations and fonts so it's all there for you. After I was happy with my design, I simply printed it and put it inside of one of those cheap IKEA A4 frames (you can also get these in black and probably other colours too). Have a go at this yourself or print mine here: halloween printable

3. Menacing Milk - 4. Bump-in-the-night balloons - 5. Spooky Satsumas

I found these three ideas on good old pinterest and I just loved them! Each of them is so so easy and simple to do, yet they make for fantastic ideas for Halloween with the kids (though I wouldn't let them be in charge of the marker pen!). The menacing milk is a great way to get the kids to drink their milk and the Spooky Satsumas encourages your little one' to eat their fruit! We've done all three of these this year and you can see us in action (as well as Logan dressed as a skeleton) below:

6. DIY Halloween Bunting 

Who else is obsessed with bunting? I can't get enough of it and I love it for any occasion. There are so many amazing buntings on Etsy, but boy are they expensive, especially when you add shipping costs on. So what could be better (and cheaper) than making your own!? I love the bunting in the photo below, it makes a great Halloween decoration and when you really look at it, it actually looks incredibly easy to do. It looks like you'd just need string, wooden pegs (I've seen these on both Amazon and eBay for cheap), orange card, black card and a pair of scissors! Much more fun to make your own rather than buying (a usually overpriced) one, I think! 

Have you been up to anything Halloween related lately?


  1. Great ideas and I am loving that bunting! I may have to make one!! xx

    1. Me too! I ordered pegs to make ours, but they didn't arrive lol! x

  2. Simple indeed. I have a halloween linky going at the moment on my blog if you want to link up all your halloween related posts. :)
    I actually got balloons today but I have something else planned with it. You'll find out on my blog next weekend. :)

  3. Lovely ideas Alex, I think that your mantel looks great! I've not got our decorations out yet as we're hosting a party on Saturday that has it's own! I can't wait to make our house look a bit more spooky! xx

    1. Thanks Chantal! Oo that sounds fun, hope you have a lovely party! xx

  4. Ahh these are great ideas! I love anything nice and easy, the less mess the happier I am lol xx