5 Perfect Kids Books for Bedtime

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It's the time of the day then your kids need to go to sleep, but they are fighting hard not to go. Sound familiar?! For us there is usually always one way to get our Ethan up to bed and that is with the promise of a couple of good bedtime stories! Below is a list of five books you can start with to try and make stories before bedtime in to a lovely tradition..

Where the Wild Things Are By Maurice Sendak

A perfect bedtime book! This magical and wild book tells the story of a misbehaving little boy named Max, who was sent to his room without supper. Then, he sails off in a boat to a place where monsters "gnash their terrible teeth" and "roar their terrible roars" and has many unbelievable adventures too. 

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd

Say goodnight to everything and everyone before travelling to the sleep kingdom and saying goodbye to the moon, the spoon, the brush, the bowl of mush, and the cow jumping over the moon. It's beautiful illustrations make this book even more amazing.

Llama, Llama, Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney

Another great bedtime story book all about a Baby Llama's bedtime and the fact that he is not quite ready to part with his mama! And since he sits and can’t go to sleep because his mum is not there, kids can truly understand how he feels. But finally, she returns to reassure him that she is "always near, even if she's not right here" and he can go to sleep in peace. A comforting message for kids just before the lights go out.

I Love You Sleepyhead by Claire Freedman and Simon Mendez

A book written by real mummies along with their children can be a great way to end the day too. This wonderfully illustrated book is a delight for all. And since it is all about different animals preparing for bed, watched by their mothers, we with our little ones can discover that love can be found in many various forms.

Sleepyhead by Karma Wilson and John Segal

Finally, a book about real sleepyheads, full of sensitive humour to make bedtime more pleasant. In fact, far too many of us will be able to associate with the reader of the book, who is desperate for Sleepyhead to go to bed. Perhaps one to help the kids understand how hard it can sometimes be to deal with such sleepyheads too!


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  1. I will take a look at the website now. I love reading books to my girls before bed x