Keeping Your Child Motivated Through The Summer

If you have a child at school or university then you might be concerned about keeping them motivated throughout the summer for when they start back in September. Granted, everyone deserves a break over the summer, but it’s only natural to be a little anxious that they won’t have the enthusiasm they need when they start back in September.

Here are some things to consider that could keep them motivated…

Don’t pressure them
You know what teenagers and young adults can be like. The more you pester them to do things, the more they’re likely to resist and do the exact opposite. You were probably the same at their age. Whilst the odd nudge in their direction as to whether they have work to do or whether they’ve organised things for their return to school or uni, constantly doing so will likely have a negative effect. Obviously if term time is approaching fast and they’ve still not done anything then feel free to nudge away!

Make a plan for throughout the summer
If there’s a lot of stuff to organise over the summer – maybe your child is off to university for the first time – then make a plan and spread it out over the summer. This way it won’t feel like so much of an ordeal and you’re less likely to face a huge rush towards the end of the summer. This drip feed of things to do will hopefully keep them motivated without feeling too pressured or overwhelmed. Get them a task manager app such as Todoist to keep on top of everything.

Take a holiday
Taking a break from everything and going on a holiday is a perfect way to recharge the batteries and allows everyone to forget about the pressures of school and work before refocusing when you come back. It’s a great way of boxing off the previous academic year and ‘welcoming’ in the new one.

Get them exercising
Sitting on their backside all summer isn’t going to do anyone any good, no matter what they may tell you. This article suggests that moderate exercise can increase motivation, so just 30 minutes a day is enough. If that sounds like a lot, then just getting more exercise than usual will help.

Get them excited for what’s to come
This might be quite a hard sell, especially for school age children, but a great way to keep them motivated over the summer is to make them excited for what’s to come in September. Do they have any school trips to look forward to? If they’re off to uni, then there’s a huge amount to be excited about, although it can be a pretty scary time as well. They might be excited about living on their own (especially if they live in this student accommodation in London) and having more independence, so play it up and get them looking forward to it.


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