Childbirth: 5 Things I'd Like To Do Differently This Time Around

1. Know my birth choices. I am one of those people who sort of accepts that every birth is different, so I'm not going to go into this one thinking that I know exactly what it's going to be like. But what I do want is to ensure that I am clued up about things that may be offered to me. For example with Ethan I had a ventouse delivery (a natural delivery but with help using a suction cup). I was happy with this and on reflection I'm so pleased this was offered to me rather than forceps, as I don't really know how I feel about the idea of forceps being used. Because of this, I'm going to be having an appointment with a consultant midwife to go through potential things that may come up during the birth, just so that this time I go in with a bit more of a clearer insight and idea of things, which'll hopefully help me to relax a little more. 

2. Accept that I may struggle after the birth again. I felt rather unwell after having Ethan and quite honestly I wasn't prepared to feel like I did. I hadn't even thought about being unwell afterwards, as I had heard that they sort of like you to be up and about the next day. Most of the women on the ward I was on were up, showered and going home, but I could barely stand. I didn't want to stay in the hospital so I went home, but I ended up going back in after fainting in the shower. My oxygen levels would drop every time I stood up, and though they were never quite sure why, it was put down to perhaps being because of the amount of blood I'd lost during labour. So this time around I want to prepare myself for that, I want to accept that I may have to stay in bed for a few days and that I won't be able to be up and about. I'm one of those people who hates sitting still and being unwell in bed, so this will be a challenge but after last time, I know how important it is to focus on getting myself back to full health after giving birth. 

3. Think about paying for a private room to stay in after the birth. I know it might seem trivial but I really disliked being on the postnatal ward, I felt so claustrophobic on the ward and I only started to feel a little better after they moved me to a bed where I could see out of the window. I discharged myself twice from hospital because I hated being there and it's made me consider this time around whether or not it'd be worth me paying for my own room. I spoke to my community midwife about this and she said that if I had an epidural (which I did last time), I'd have to stay on the ward rather than in a side room but she also said that the hospital had made big improvements and had reduced the amount of beds per ward which is quite reassuring.

4. Be prepared for a big baby! Ethan was 9lbs 9oz and so I'm preparing myself for the possibility that this baby may be just as big or perhaps even bigger! (Though, in reality he could end up being smaller of course). I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he's a little less heavier than his big bro' was! ;)

5. Pack less in my hospital bag. I completely overpacked when I went in to have Ethan. This time around I'm a little more clued up about what sort of things I'll actually need for myself and baby. Though I do still have a bit of a tendency to overpack for things, so I'll need to try and be disciplined with what gets put in the bag.

Was there anything you did differently the second time around?



  1. I was so ill after my last two births. Felt very dizzy and very weak. I was lucky with my last re private rooms as the hospital I was in is the only UK NHS hospital to have private rooms with ensuite for ALL inpatients

  2. Haha, I definitely over-packed my hospital bag too but it's hard not to go a bit overboard when you're in 'nesting mode' isn't it?

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  3. Your story sounds really similar to mine. I too had a ventouse delivery and felt horrific after due to high blood loss. I'm totally more prepared this time and hope to have a more relaxed recovery - we luckily get individual rooms at my hospital. I hope you get the birth you want xx

  4. I overpacked my bag's too and almost everything came home unworn. My second and third births were much better then my first and i think it is because i knew what to expect and my body knew what it was doing.Fingers crossed yours is easier too xx

  5. This makes me so broody but brings it all flooding back too!! Overpacking is normal haha! Xxx

  6. I did not pack enough at all lol. My first labour was an emergency home birth so when I went in for my second I was completely unsure and unprepared xxx

  7. I had to be induced so once I had started my labour came on very fast. I just wish I walked around more and had the dad there for more than just the part on the delivery ward as he wasn't allowed to visit before then. I also wanted to give birth on all fours instead of lying flat on my back!

  8. Yeah with my second one I was less prepared. I didn't expect her to come so early
    I packed less in the hospital bag but hubby ended up getting more sleepsuits because she puked up so much.
    First Time I went public. this time private. I'm not gonna lie a private room was amaZing.

  9. I've just had my second (on Tuesday) and actually ended up discharged on Wednesday evening, which was a vast improvement on last time especially considering I had a c-section. I can totally relate to disliking the wards, I also hated my first hospital stay but this time around was much more positive. I was still glad to get home but I'm not as traumatised by my stay as with my first so hopefully you'll find it positive too. Definitely pay for a private room if you can. Good luck, hope it all goes well. X

  10. As a first time mom, these tips are definitely giving me a lot to think about for the second! Thank you for sharing these thoughts with us!

    The MAMA Gazette

  11. Thanks for this post Alex - great advice to read for a first time mum-to-be as I totally don't know what to expect! xx