Breastfeeding vs Bottlefeeding.. Does it matter as long as our children get fed?

Baby feeding isn't usually something I discuss.. and that's not because I'm embarrassed, feel guilty or ashamed.. it's because I simply don't really have much of an opinion on the subject. After all, all it really is is a choice made by a Mother about how to feed her child. Nothing less, nothing more. It shouldn't be a debate, it shouldn't be a clash of opinions between mothers/parents/the media or anyone else. How a Mother chooses to feed her child is up to her, it's her business and her business alone. 

I never breastfed Ethan, but I can imagine that breastfeeding is bloody tough and so if a woman chooses to share a photograph of her breastfeeding her child on the internet or anywhere else, then good on her. I'm all for sharing things that make people feed good about themselves. Hence why I blog. I never felt guilty about the way I chose to feed Ethan, why would I have? He's a happy, healthy, little boy and that's all that's ever mattered. I was never pressured to feed him any particular way and if someone had ever tried to pressure me, I would have firmly (but politely) told them that thanks but that they're opinion wasn't welcome. 

I feel for those who have been left feeling guilty by peoples comments towards them and for those that have put pressure on themselves for not being able to or choosing not to breastfeed, when all that really matters is that the child is fed, happy and healthy. It's a bit sad that we've seen articles in the media where breastfeeding mothers have been asked to cover themselves up or leave stores or restaurants... grow up people - it's a Mother feeding her hungry child - nothing less, nothing more. And it's equally just as sad that I've heard stories of women made to feel upset by people who are supposed to be in positions where they offer support and care to both Mum and Baby.. but have instead preached and pressurised instead. If that's ever happened to you, then the people that have done that the ones in the wrong, not you - they should be there to support your decisions as a mother. 

Channel Mum have today launched a campaign with the hashtag #bressure - it's about Mums sharing their baby feeding stories and discussing any pressures they felt - if any. They asked me to join in and make a video telling my story and discussing my views on it and initially it really stumped me as I sat and thought to myself .. 'I don't really have any views on it at all' but then I realised that that's exactly what I could to sit and talk about. Even if you're like me and have always felt confident about how you fed your child, there's no denying that there are Mums out there who who will really benefit from this campaign - I personally think that hearing stories of how other Mothers feel or have felt when it came to baby feeding will serve as a reassurance for so many women. Yes, us Mums are strong and we use our Mothers instinct when it comes to raising our children, but who can deny that in certain situations we doubt ourselves and then feel guilty and unsure - we all do it, even if the situation isn't to do with how we feed our children. 

Ladies, however you choose to feed your child is fine. The only thing that truly matters is that they're fed. It doesn't need to be anything more than that. 

In just one word, here's how my decision to feed Ethan made me feel. Why would I feel any differently?  - He's grown into a happy healthy little boy!

If you'd like to watch the video I made for Channel Mum's #bressure campaign then you can do so here:



  1. What a great post Alex, and I totally agree with you! I never breastfed Zach either, although initially I did try. When I was pregnant all along I told everyone that I wanted to breastfeed but if it didn't work then I would move to formula - and that is exactly what happened. I don't think it matters how you feed a baby as long as they are fed!

  2. Nope, doesn't matter at all! Let's worry about the babies that aren't being fed and stop worrying about those that are x

  3. This is a great post Alex, and I think you will probably reassure a lot of Mums to be with this. I DID breastfeed my babies, both of them, for a year, but if I hadn't wanted to, i wouldn't have done, it's as simple as that. It's our choice. x

  4. I think there's only one scenario in which it does matter, and that is if you wanted to breastfeed but had to bottle feed because you had difficulties and the support wasn't there. other than that, live and let live!

  5. Can't agree more. I don't understand people that ask you why you don't breastfeed. Its simply not for everyone. Both mine were bottlefed