Our Big Christmas Clean-Up

That's it - Christmas is officially over in our house! The decorations have now all come down and are waiting to go back up into the attic until next year. The brand toys have all found brand new homes and I am utterly exhausted! 

I loved our Christmas home decor, but taking apart an artificial tree and removing what seems like hundreds upon hundreds of baubles felt sort of like watching paint dry, but it's done, and now I can finally sit back and relax in my somewhat empty looking living room. And I think that it would be fair to say that I actually missed it looking so empty. It's nice and clear and I can finally move around. With a load of new DVDs filling up the house this Christmas, we have shifted a lot of the old ones that we have watched far too many times with Ziffit's trade-in app. When we saw how many old DVDs where laying around taking up space, it seemed like a no-brainer to cash in on them in preparation for Ethan's brithday.

We seem to have gained more floor space and it's pretty nice to once again see the oak from our engineered wood flooring peeking out from below our cream rug. The extra floor space has come in quite handy for little Ethan and all of his brand new toys too! We've got Duplo to build, colouring books to fill, tons of new books to read, trains to push around and even a toy hoover to clean with! And today we've been playing with the Teksta robotic Dino T-Rex from Debenhams, which is one of Ethans current favourites from Christmas! 

Teksta's a clever little dino - he responds to our voices, physical gestures AND lights and sounds and he'll roar, snap and change eye patterns. Ethan think he's great! And I have to admit that Adam and I do enjoy sitting down to have a play with him too. ;) We've been learning how to command Teksta to walk, stop and move his arms and tail, it's great fun! Oh and Ethans favourite thing to do with him is to feed him his bone,, watch him munch it all up and then hear him let out an almighty dino burp! - Nice, eh? ;) It's quite a good little toy for around £30-£40 bearing in mind it has 100 physical and interactive play features. 

There are some fab toys about for youngsters at the moment aren't there?! There's literally loads to keep them entertained. All of the toys Ethan received for Christmas have been a huge hit, another favourite of Ethan's is his Dyson ball toy hoover from his Grandma and Grandpop! He just won't put it down! Though, I'm sure with the amount of new toys Ethan received over Christmas that by the time he's three years old, there won't be anymore room in our house for anymore of his toys! 

And with just over four months to go until his second birthday.. I think I'd better go and create some more space somewhere.. ;)

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  1. Last year I kept the tree up for a while after Christmas, but this year it was down on the 28th and we rearranged all the toys. The room suddenly felt huge and I felt like I could breathe! Your house is so lovely and how amazing when kids find a toy that they love? I love watching them work things out. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! :) xx

  2. I love having our decorations up but it does feel better to take them down, much less clutter! Your house is beautiful x

    Gym Bunny Mummy | Bloglovin’ | Facebook

  3. Haha I've done exactly the same in my house today alex! Took our 8ft tree down and single handedly dragged it outside! I could have used Ethan's help to Hoover up the 1000s of pine needles ;) your house looks so lovely and clutter free :) bet it's lovely and relaxing! Amelia x

  4. Oh my gosh how cute is that little Dyson ha x

  5. The hoover! Ahhh so cute! I love having all the Christmas decorations up but it definitely is a chore taking them down xx

    Charli | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger at CHARLI B

  6. Darcie loved her hoover, but now insists in using mine! We took our decs down really early this year, on New Years eve. It was actually really nice to start the year afresh!

    Kay | www.mummyburgess.co.uk xxx

  7. I'm quite liking seeing my floor again too :-)

  8. Your house is amazing!!! I need to find homes for all our new toys, but I need to sort out other rooms first - our house is kinda getting a make over :D