Christmas Gift Inspiration | For Toddlers + What we've brought for Ethan!

This year feels that much magical with Ethan being older. I feel like he understands much more than last year and it feels so special because of that. It's been much easier to buy for him this year too and I've sort of had to stop myself from buying anymore!

Here's the final decision of toys that we got for Ethan this year. Hopefully it'll also offer some inspiration for you if you are buying for toddlers this year too..

(Yay for christmas presents!)

Casdon Morphy Richards Kitchen Set |  Amazon.co.uk
 Ethan's a big fan of role-play type toys and when I spotted this kitchen set I thought it would go perfect with his brand new toy kitchen!

Bump 'n' Go Bubble Train | tobar.co.uk
I've heard lots of wonderful things about this little train! Ethan loves anytthing with wheels on and I'm sure that he is going to love the bubbles too! I can't wait to show him what it does. 

Snuggleasaurs | tobar.co.uk
Who could resist a snuggly dinosaur? It's so soft and roars when you squeeze it, I am hoping it's going to be a big hit! In the picture also is some milky bar choccie (from Poundland) for Ethans stocking and a Peppa Pig music set which I picked up for super cheap in toys-r-us. 

Various Books 
I am trying to grow Ethans book collection some more as he is really into books at the moment and so I found these ones which I think are perfect. The Thomas and Friends book is from Amazon (Ethan loves Thomas the tank engine!), the Noisy Farm book is from M&S and the First 100 Words is Amazon again but I've seen it in Waterstones also for a few pounds more! 

Toy tunnel | Toys-r-us
This was a last minute purchase which my Husband spotted, it wasn't expensive at all (around £10 I think?) and we think Ethan will love it, espeically when he can take it in the garden in the summer. :) 

 Duplo train | Toys-r-us
We are planning on getting Ethan a brilliant duplo train next year for his birthday that is quite expensive, but we wanted something for now that he could play with and something that would introduce him to the world of duplo and we think this is the perfect solution. I have a feeling he will really love this, being that he is obsessed with wheels! 

Tomy Megasketcher | amazon.co.uk
Ethan really enjoys drawing but it can sometimes be a hassle to get all of his colouring crayons out and then I have to watch him like a hawk in case he decides to draw on the furniture so I decided that I wanted to get him one of these to use. I hope he likes it :)

Thomas the tank engine pyjamas | amazon.co.uk
I came across these on Amazon and loved them right away. They are thick which is great for this time of year and they have Ethans favourite character on! :)

Wooden Farm playset | tobar.co.uk
I have fallen in love with already, it's a farmhouse carry case can be used to transport all of the pieces, and also opens out to form a piece of the scenery and it's really really lovely! 

Thomas the tank engine tumbler, bowl and plate set and cutlery set | Toys-r-us
More Thomas themed pressies! :) I think Ethan will love eating with these sets. I also really wanted to buy them because we are ready to move on to older cutlery and plates now. 

Flashcards and jumbo crayons | amazon.co.uk
I'm trying to get Ethan to start saying a few words and I've heard flashcards can really help so we've brought him these ones from Amazon which look great (also sold in Waterstones, but pricer!). At the front of the picture are the crayons we brought him also from Amazon. 

Squidqe Cbeebies toy | Blog win
I won this over on Hayleys blog a few months ago and we put it away for Ethan for christmas. It looks really cool and I think it lights up and plays music. 

Fatframe iPad stand for kids | fatframe.co.uk
They cases by Fatframe look really awesome! Apparently you can literally throw your iPad on the floor face down and it's 100% protected! Great for kids and worried adults.

Bonnie Kids hat and scarf | halfpintchic.com
I love this hat and scarf combo, so much so that I *may* have given them to Ethan early ;) This scarf is his very first one and it looks super cute on! He looks like a little boy wearing it. Somebody tell me.. where did my little baby go?! 

Grandpa Pig's boat | Kiddicare
Asides from Thomas the Tank Engine, Ethan is obsessed with Peppa Pig - he absolutely loves it! And I just know he will love Grandpa Pig's boat for the bath which comes with Grandpa, Peppa and George models plus bath crayons! I can't wait to see his face when he unwraps this! 

Duplo Town Knight Tornament | kiddicare.com 
Carrying on with our Lego Duplo theme that we are trying to get Ethan into (can you tell my Hubby loves Lego?) we've got this little set for Ethan to open on Christmas day. It's just a small set so doesn't cost much at all (£8.99) but I really love the little horse and knight that you get in it and hope Ethan will too.

So there you have it! That's what Ethan has this christmas and that concludes my three main gift guides this year! 

I hope you've enjoyed reading them and looking through all the pics :)

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  1. Aww lovely gifts!

    Tyne has the Thomas book for his xmas eve box, I can't wait to see him open it! He's so obsessed with "To-to!" lol.xxx

  2. That Morphy Richards kitchen set is amazing!

  3. These are great gifts Alex, I'm sure Ethan will be delighted on Christmas morning! We have a few of these things for Tyler Lee on Christmas morning too :) x

  4. Ah what lovely gifts for Ethan- I love the Thomas jammies! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas together. x

  5. I love the Grandpa's Pig boat from Peppa pig!

  6. Ethan will love them all especially the Duplo sets

  7. The kids get so many toys from the relies that I generally try to avoid buying them more presents. I already know my daughter is getting cloths and some duple.

  8. How cute is that little kitchen set?!