Our Christmas Home Decor

As you all now know, I love writing home decor posts, and so a Christmas-themed home decor post is one that makes me very, very excited!

This is our first Christmas in our new house and to be honest I really wasn't sure where our Christmas tree was going to fit in our living room, but luckily I managed to squeeze it in between the armchair and Adams Lego display cabinet. I actually think it's a bit of a good place for it, as it's harder for Ethan to reach (though he still tries!) and it's to the side of our wood burner, which when lit looks really cosy in the evenings. 

Our tree is from Tesco last year and the decorations we've sort of built up over time. Though, a lot of the lighter coloured decorations are actually from Tesco too (again last year). 


On our mantel piece, I've got some random Christmas themed decorations, including our Icicles Yankee Candle which I've actually very nearly finished now (boo!), it smelt so lovely and made me feel so festive that I couldn't stop lighting it! ;) 

There are lots of bits we've collected other the years on top of our mantel piece, but the frosted garland is new and is from Marks and Spencers. The heart shaped fairy lights are ones that I just added on myself.


This festive little candle holder lives on my kitchen window and is from thechristmasboutique.co.uk.


Santa and his little toy elf was a gift to Ethan from his Great Grandad last year and the 'Christmas at the Gladwins' sign was handmade by my lovely friend and fellow blogger Hayley, also last year.

These set of three light up tree decorations are from John Lewis (I brought them this year) and I love them, they look so pretty in the evening when they're all lit up!

This wreath is brand new, and is absolutely beautiful, especially in the evening when it lights up! It's so festive and very pretty. It plugs in so can only be used indoors, but that's fine with me as I get to see it a lot more than I would if it hung on my front door! It is from pinesandneedles.com (use the code BUMP14 on their site and it will entitle you to a free mini Christmas tree, holly and mistletoe.)

I have this mini silver tinsel Christmas tree sitting on our dining table, just to give it a bit of a festive touch. ;)

I have yet to put these up, (I'm slacking a little I know), but wanted to share them anyway as I thought they were such a brilliant idea being that they are actually powered by solar. So no batteries or plugs to have to mess around with. They will be going to go in our front garden. They are from pinesandneedles.com.

I couldn't resist adding in this cheeky picture of my happy little guy <3 

I've put our snowman light up decoration in our kitchen window which can be seen from the front. He looks super cool at night, all lit up. I've had this for years now and so I sadly can't remember where it's from, sorry!

Here's a closer look at some of our Christmas tree decorations. I've not got much chocolate on there, mostly because I would just eat it (or Ethan would). But I do have a Godiva stocking , it's got a few tasty-looking chocolates buried within it and we are attempting to save these until Christmas eve, and so far so good, no ones given in to the temptation to eat them all! The little white bird decoration came in a pack and was from Tesco last year and the red bird and tree decorations are from thechristmasboutique.co.uk.

Another cheeky photo of my beautiful little boy, chewing on a bauble from last year that he'd pulled off of the tree! He likes this one as it's a personalised bauble with a photo of us all inside, it was from gettingpersonal.co.uk.

And then my last photograph is of our living room clock, complete with a touch of festive tinsel! ;)


  1. Aw it's gorgeous and is looking beautifully festive! I love the photo of Ethan holding the decoration- just beautiful. x

  2. Beautiful pieces and a gorgeous home too, love that wreath! xx

  3. Love your house! It feels so festive :) xx

  4. Oh it looks like Jack Frost came and added sparkles of frost everywhere! I love it possum! Merry Christmas. xx

  5. Loving all the festive decor in your lovely home!
    Kads Life x

  6. Oh your home is beautiful, especially at this time of year! x